Maintain and repair a MT500 trekking water bladder

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Your MT500 trekking water bladder makes it easy to stay hydrated on your treks.

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First use

It's important to rinse your water bladder 3 times with clean water before first use.

What is the purpose of the removable slider on my water bladder?

The removable slider actually has several functions. On the one hand, it gives your water bladder a wide opening for easy fill and cleaning. On the other, the slider has holes so your water bladder can be attached to backpacks with hooks.

How does the hose work?

The hose works using the open/closed position (by turning the grey part of the hose). Put the hose on the "ON" position to drink then breath by bending the hose with your mouth. Avoid biting the hose to prevent it from breaking.

Operating the water bladder drinking hose

I maintain my water bladder

Depending on your usage, your water bladder needs regular maintenance to keep good hygiene and prevent mould.

Remember to clean your water bladder after every trip and let it dry thoroughly.

I repair my water bladder myself

Broken water bladder? Find all available spare parts here to repair your water bladder yourself.