Looking after and repairing a camping pole tent

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The roof top tent is a major innovation that will allow you to camp everywhere and in all circumstances by placing it on your van. If you have a question or encounter a problem with your product, or if your tent has been damaged due to mishandling, we are here to help!

Decathlon is committed to ensuring that all its tents can be repaired and are in perfect condition once repaired! On this page, we'll provide you with step-by-step help in repairing your tent depending on the problem you have.

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How do you know that your tent is well in place, before driving off?

Check that your tent is centred laterally and front-to-back in relation to your vehicle. 
Also make sure that you can open the boot safely when you position it on your vehicle before finishing to screw it in place.
To check that the tent is correctly attached, make sure you have followed the instructions correctly and that you have not forgotten the washers.
The plate holding the tent to the roof bars must be slightly deformed by the tension.

What are the dimensions of my roof top tent?

Dimension of the cover:146 x 123 x 35 cm
The room measures (l) 140 x (L) 240 x (h) 106 cm
The mattress is 140 x 235 x 5 cm with a density of 26kg/m3

What is the maximum weight load? 

The roof top tent weighs 45kg to which you need to add 7kg for the ladder. 

The ladder can support a load of 130kg maximum.
The tent is designed for 2 people and for a maximum weight of 200kg. 
It could be suitable for 2 people and a young infant.

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What is the maximum speed you can do with your tent on your roof?

We recommend a maximum speed of 130km/h.

How to prevent condensation?

Recurring rain throughout the day, hot air that persists when the outside temperature drops, body heat… these are factors that can create condensation inside your tent. To avoid this phenomenon, here's some advice:

- Open the vents of your tent as much as possible, even when it's raining
- Avoid any creases when pitching your tent, as these favour the concentration of water drops
- Do not pitch your tent too close to a water point but rather in a sheltered place where temperature and humidity are regulated.

To remove the condensation already present, gently wipe off the droplets with a cloth and ventilate your tent as much as possible. Open the door and leave it in a dry place so that it can dry.

You can also complete your roof top tent with an underlay to create an additional air circuit.

What is the fresh & black technology?

More freshness and darkness to sleep better! Fresh & Black is a technology patented by Decathlon which allows the sun's rays to reflect and isolate light using specific materials. Therefore, we reduce the feeling of heat in your tent. To make the most of this technology, don't forget to ventilate your tent in the evening!

What is the Fresh &amp; Black technology?

Maintaining my roof top tent

Maintaining my VAN 500 roof top tent


Do not use any cleaning products to wash your tent, but rather plain or soapy water if necessary. Make sure you rinse it well when you've finished.


It is important to dry your tent well after cleaning it to avoid traces of mildew.
If you have room at home, assemble it completely, open all the doors so that it dries quicker.
Finally, remember to dry the cover.


Store your tent in a dry place at room temperature. Remember to close the front door to prevent your tent from being too tight when you put it up again.


Several factors can affect the waterproofness level of your tent, such as exposure to the sun, friction inside the cover or even natural wear.
Therefore, we advise you to apply a waterproofing spray on the canvas at least once a year.

  • Maintaining and repairing a FRESH &amp; BLACK MH500 2P roof top tent

    5-Year guarantee

  • Maintaining and repairing a FRESH &amp; BLACK MH500 2P roof top tent


    Water column (Schmerber): 
    Double flysheet > 2000 mm.

  • Maintaining and repairing a FRESH &amp; BLACK MH500 2P roof top tent

    Resistant to wind

    Wind resistance 60 km/h 
    (validated in a wind tunnel)

I repair my roof top tent

Find below all the spare parts and accessories compatible with your roof top tent in order to carry out the various repairs independently. To help you, here is the repair diagram. Available from summer 2022.

  • Double flysheet VAN 500 roof top tent

    The storage cover

    available soon

  • I repair my roof top tent

    The double flysheet

    available soon

  • Maintaining and repairing a FRESH &amp; BLACK MH500 2P roof top tent

    The room

    available soon

  • Maintaining and repairing a FRESH &amp; BLACK MH500 2P roof top tent

    The screws and bolts

    available soon


You just need to apply a patch or adhesive to fill the hole. We recommend that you apply them on the inside of your flysheet or your bedroom for better adhesion.

I'm selling my second hand roof top tent

You've stopped using your tent and don't know what to do with it? Rather than throwing it away, don't hesitate to resell it second-hand on the Decathlon Second-hand platform! Fill in all the information about your product online. We will therefore offer you the best sales solutions, then you can drop off your product in the store to finalize the procedure.

My camping tips

Where can you camp with your roof top tent?

You can settle in a campsite of course, but also in areas where there is no mention of a ban on camping. Applications such as HomeCamper allow you, for a low price, to park on private land.
Finally, if you are more "nature", check that you are not on private land or a nature reserve, and that you are not disturbing anyone. "

What precautions do i have to take if i camp in the middle of nature?

First of all, start by checking that you have the right to camp there, and that your parking does not disturb anyone or present a danger..
Never make a fire on the ground, the risk is too high.Better to use a gas stove on a table.
Avoid showering or using detergents, which contaminate nature.
Finally, take your waste away when leaving (and ideally, pick up those of others if you want to go all the way!)