Looking after and repairing a camping pole tent

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Fresh & Black 500 2P roof top tent

The VAN 500 roof top tent is a major innovation that will allow you to camp anywhere and in all circumstances by placing it on your van. 

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First adventures: Our advice

What should I check before leaving?
How weather resistant is my tent?
How to prevent condensation?
What is the Fresh & Black technology?
Maintaining my VAN 500 roof top tent

maintaining my roof top tent

Maintaining my VAN 500 roof top tent

I repair my roof top tent

Find below all the spare parts and accessories compatible with your roof top tent in order to carry out the various repairs independently. To help you, here is the repair diagram. 


You just need to apply a patch or adhesive to fill the hole. We recommend that you apply them on the inside of your flysheet or your bedroom for better adhesion.

I'm selling my second hand roof top tent

You've stopped using your tent and don't know what to do with it? Rather than throwing it away, don't hesitate to resell it second-hand on the Decathlon Second-hand platform! Fill in all the information about your product online. We will therefore offer you the best sales solutions, then you can drop off your product in the store to finalize the procedure.