looking after and repairing an antishock mountain hiking pole

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Antishock mountain hiking pole

We are absolutely convinced that the life cycle of a product does not end once it is damaged. That's why Decathlon offers solutions to help you use, maintain and repair your product, which helps prolong its shelf life.

This antishock pole, which has a cushioning function, is designed to be compact and hard-wearing; however, if you have a question and encounter a problem, we are here to help you.

First time using an antishock hiking pole

Why use hiking poles?
How do you use hiking poles?
How do I adjust it?
How do I activate the antishock system?
How do I adjust the strap?
How can I reduce the noise that my poles make on the road?
Where on my backpack can I hang my poles?
When should I use baskets?

I look after my antishock hiking pole

Occasionally, you will need to maintain your hiking poles to help extend their life and ensure they remain in good working order.

A well looked-after pole is a clean pole! Remember to clean it properly both inside and out. We'll show you exactly what to do on the next page.

When you're not using your poles, fold them up and leave the blockers unscrewed to maintain their locking power.

looking after an antishock pole

antishock pole:
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I get my antishock pole repaired

I want to change the tip of my pole

Maybe you don't have the right equipment or don't feel like repairing it yourself? Don't panic: our workshops will look after you. Click on the link below and book an online appointment by providing the following service number: 8032079.

I recycle my antishock hiking pole

Is your only option really just to throw away your poles? Get into the habit of recycling them rather than throwing them away and go to a recycling centre so they can be reused. The pole, which mainly comprises aluminium, will go in the metal section while the baskets will go in the plastic section.