looking after and repairing an antishock mountain hiking pole

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We are absolutely convinced that the life cycle of a product does not end once it is damaged. That's why Decathlon offers solutions to help you use, maintain and repair your product, which helps prolong its shelf life.

This antishock pole, which has a cushioning function, is designed to be compact and hard-wearing; however, if you have a question and encounter a problem, we are here to help you.

First time using an antishock hiking pole

Why use hiking poles?

Poles are very popular with hikers as they offer many advantages. They mainly perform three different functions:
- Safety to reduce the risk of falls and improve balance
- To enhance performance for those who want to go more quickly or walk for longer
- Health to improve posture and relieve pressure on the back and joints

Why use antishock hiking poles?
How do you use hiking poles?

When standing still, the forearm holding the pole must be perpendicular to the arm aligned vertically with the body.

Every individual is capable of choosing his or her preferred way of walking with hiking poles. Whether you prefer to walk with one or two poles, alternating poles and legs, or using them simultaneously, feel free to adapt your technique so it feels as natural as possible.

We recommend placing the pole tip some distance in front of you or at the side so that you don't trip over when you walk.

It's important to take into account the gradient so that you can adapt your technique:

When climbing, you can hold the handle slightly lower so you don't have to adjust your pole constantly.
When going down hill, you can use the knob and remove the wrist strap to reduce the risk of falling. The pole is only designed to provide support so avoid putting all your body weight on it.

How do you use antishock hiking poles?
How do i adjust it?

The adjustment system is easy to operate: You just need to unscrew the relevant section and slide it to the right length, then tighten by turning in a clockwise direction. Check that you don't go beyond the red stop line.

How do i activate the antishock system?

The special thing about this pole is that it is equipped with a spring mechanism capable of cushioning the impact produced by striking the ground. However, if you want your pole to be more rigid, you have the option of deactivating this system.

How to activate or deactivate the antishock function ?

Activating the system

To activate the system, don’t loosen the sections immediately. Otherwise, you’ll loosen the expander without unlocking the anti-shock system. You need to first continue to tighten by 1/2 turn, then loosen in the opposite direction. You will hear another "click", indicating that the anti-shock is unlocked. By leaning on your pole, you should feel the spring operating.

De-activating the system

To lock the spring in the inactive position, you need to tighten the expander until you hear a "click". This noise indicates that the system is locked.

How do i adjust the strap?

The correct positioning of your hand in the strap is really important to ensure maximum comfort and optimum grip. So, whether your pole has a velcro or clip system strap, check out our tips.

adjusting the strap on my antishock hiking pole
How can i reduce the noise that my poles make on the road?

Because the noise of repeated contact with the ground can be annoying, you have the option of putting rubber protectors on the tip of your poles. However, these protectors can only help reduce the noise and can't completely eliminate sounds produced by other parts of the pole.

Where on my backpack can i hang my poles?

There are backpacks with lots of sections specially designed for carrying your poles if you're not using them when hiking.

In terms of antishock poles and poles with less than 3 sections, use attachment points such as elastics, external pockets or compression straps to secure them. Remember to place them strategically so they don't get in the way when you're walking.

Where on my backpack can I hang my antishock poles?
When should i use baskets?

Baskets aren't compulsory and you can manage very well without them. However, they can help prevent your tip getting caught in rocks, potentially breaking your pole. In addition, in winter you can use slightly larger baskets so you don't sink into the snow or even the sand.

looking after an antishock pole

I look after my antishock hiking pole

Occasionally, you will need to maintain your hiking poles to help extend their life and ensure they remain in good working order.

A well looked-after pole is a clean pole! Remember to clean it properly both inside and out. We'll show you exactly what to do on the next page.

When you're not using your poles, fold them up and leave the blockers unscrewed to maintain their locking power.

Antishock pole:
compatible spare parts

I get my antishock pole repaired

I want to change the tip of my pole

Maybe you don't have the right equipment or don't feel like repairing it yourself? Don't panic: our workshops will look after you. Click on the link below and book an online appointment by providing the following service number: 8032079.

I recycle my antishock hiking pole

Is your only option really just to throw away your poles? Get into the habit of recycling them rather than throwing them away and go to a recycling centre so they can be reused. The pole, which mainly comprises aluminium, will go in the metal section while the baskets will go in the plastic section.