maintain and repair Easy, precise adjustment of the MH500 mountain hiking pole

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MT500 pole (or MH500): how to use, adjust, look after and repair it, and our tips


We firmly believe that the life cycle of a product does not end when it gets damaged. That’s why Decathlon offers solutions for the proper use, maintenance and repair of your product, which will help increase its lifespan.

In addition to being light and easy to use, this MT500 walking pole (formerly MH500) has been designed to be durable and strong. If you have a question or if you encounter a problem, this page will help you.

How to use your MH500 / MT500 walking pole properly

Why use hiking poles?

Poles are very popular with hikers because they have many benefits. Their usefulness addresses three main aspects:
- Safety to avoid the risk of falls and improve your balance
- The search for performance for those who want to go faster and keep going for longer
- Health to provide a better posture and so relieve the back and joints

Why use MH500 hiking poles?
How do you use hiking poles?

When stationary, the forearm holding the pole should be at right angles to the arm alongside the body.

Each user can choose the way they walk with hiking poles. An alternate or simultaneous approach, one or two poles, you’re free to adapt so that it’s as natural as possible for you.

We recommend you put the tips of your poles way in front of you or to the sides so that your feet don’t get caught up in them when you walk.

It’s important to take into account the steepness of the slope and adapt the use of your poles accordingly:

- When going uphill, your grip can be slightly lower down the handle so as not to constantly keep changing the adjustment of your pole.
- When going downhill, you can use the pommel and remove the strap to avoid the risk of falls. The pole is just there to support you, so avoid putting your full body weight on it.

MT500 pole (or MH500): instructions, repairs
How to adjust your MH500 pole?

The external blocker system is the most commonly used, allowing easy, precise adjustment to the length you want.

You just have to open the lever of the external blocker and pull on the bottom section until the push-pin engages in the hole, then slide the top section to the desired length, and then finally close the lever. Be careful not to go beyond the red stop line.

If you feel that your pole has some play in it and the sections start to slip, feel free to tighten the external blocker using the adjustment wheel.

How can you reduce the noise of your poles on the track?

Because the sound of repeated contact with the ground is annoying at times, you have the option of placing rubber tips on the tips of your poles. However, these only serve as an attenuator and cannot completely reduce noise from other parts of the stick.

Where can you hang your poles on a backpack?

There are plenty of places on hiking backpacks to carry your poles when you’re not using them during a hike.

As for this MH500 pole and those with less than 3 sections in general, use the attachment points of your bag, such as elastics, external pockets or compression straps to attach them securely. Remember to position them carefully so that they don’t get in your way when hiking.

Where can you hang your MH500 hiking poles on a backpack?
When to use baskets?

Baskets aren’t essential and you can manage perfectly well without them. However, they’re very useful to avoid getting the tip of your pole stuck among rocks and potentially breaking your pole. What’s more, you can use slightly larger winter baskets so that you don't sink into the snow or even into sand.

Maintaining, storing and cleaning an MH500 pole from Decathlon

Looking after your MH500 hiking pole

It is necessary to maintain your hiking poles from time to time to improve their lifespan and to maintain their effectiveness.

When talking about well maintained poles we're talking about clean poles! Remember to clean it well on the outside as well as on the inside. We will tell you what to do on the page below.

When you are not using your poles, fold them up and leave the locking system untightened to retain their tightening strength.

MH500 / MT500 walking pole:
compatible spare parts

Repairing my MH500 / MT500 walking pole

You don’t have the right equipment or don’t feel able to carry out these repairs? No problem: our workshops will do it for you!

  • You want to change the point of your pole

    Click on the link below and make an appointment with the workshop by entering the following service number: 8032079

  • You want to fix the external blocker on your pole

    Click on the link below and make an appointment with the workshop by entering the following service number: 8741267

Recycling your mh500 hiking pole

Got no other solution but to throw away your poles? Don’t put them in the bin or waste centre, but go to a recycling centre so that they can be reused. Mainly made of aluminium, this pole should go in the metal section, while the baskets go in the plastics.