maintain and repair Easy, precise adjustment of the MH500 mountain hiking pole

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Easy, precise adjustment of the MH500 mountain hiking pole

We firmly believe that the lifecycle of a product doesn’t end once it’s damaged. That’s why Decathlon offers solutions for the proper use, care and repair of your product, allowing you to extend its lifespan.

As well as being light and easy to use, this MH500 pole has been designed to be durable and resistant, but if you have a question or encounter a problem, this page is for you.

Using your MH500 hiking pole properly

Why use hiking poles?
How to use hiking poles?
How to adjust your MH500 pole?
How do you adjust the strap on your pole?
How can you reduce the noise of your poles on the track?
Where can you hang your poles on a backpack?
When to use baskets?

Looking after your MH500 hiking pole

You need to look after your hiking poles from time to time to extend their lifespan and maintain their effectiveness.

A well maintained pole is a clean pole! Remember to clean it well on the outside as well as inside. We’ll tell you what to do on the page below.

When you’re not using your poles, fold them up and leave the blockers untightened to retain their clamping power.

Maintaining, storing and cleaning an MH500 pole from Decathlon

MH500 pole:
compatible spare parts

Getting your MH500 pole repaired

You don’t have the right equipment or don’t feel able to carry out these repairs? No problem: our workshops will do it for you!

Recycling your MH500 hiking pole

Got no other solution but to throw away your poles? Don’t put them in the bin or waste centre, but go to a recycling centre so that they can be reused. Mainly made of aluminium, this pole should go in the metal section, while the baskets go in the plastics.