Self-Inflating Mattress Ultim Comfort

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camping self-inflating Ultim comfort mattress

We firmly believe that the life cycle of a product does not end when it gets damaged. This is why we offer solutions for properly using, maintaining and repairing your product, in order to extend its lifespan.

This ULTIM COMFORT mattress will make you feel at home during your camping trips! Do you have a question about this mattress (all sizes included) or are you having a problem with it? We're here to support you.

Using your Ultim comfort self-inflating mattress for the first time

How to inflate this mattress ?
How to deflate and fold this mattress into its bag ?
How to sleep well on an inflatable mattress ?
What is the R-Value ?
How to stop your mattress from making noises ?
How to optimise the insulation of your mattress ?
Maintaining an Ultim Comfort self-inflating mattress

Maintain your self-inflating Ultim comfort mattress

Here are all the tips you need to maintain your mattress in the best possible way. The key to properly maintaining your mattress is the washing, folding and storage steps. You will find more information by clicking on the link at the bottom of the section.

Maintaining an Ultim Comfort self-inflating mattress

how to repair a hole in your self-inflating ultim comfort mattress


Your mattress appears to have a hole in it and you are probably wondering where the leak is coming from. Indeed, it is difficult to spot a hole in the mattress with the naked eye. Currently it is impossible to repair the top of the mattress, but if the hole is located on one of the sides, you can easily repair it. Put some soapy water on the surface of the inflated mattress beforehand and wait for air bubbles to form showing you the correct location of the leak.


Once the location of the leak has been identified, all you have to do is apply a patch to repair your mattress. The video below explains the entire process on how to perform this repair.

On a velvet covering (left part of the video), use the scraper provided in the kit and gently rub the surface so that the patch sticks to the material. Hold it in place for one minute.
On a plastic coating (right part of the video), apply the patch directly to the surface and hold it in place for one minute.

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