maintain and repair my A100 first price nature hiking pole

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First price THE A100 nature hiking pole

We believe that the life cycle of a product does not end when it is damaged. This is why Decathlon offers solutions for the proper use, maintenance and repair of your product, which will allow you to increase its lifespan.

This A100 pole, ideal for all your nature and mountain outings, has been designed to be strong and resistant but if you have a question or encounter a problem, this page is for you.


Why use hiking poles?
How do you use hiking poles?
How do I adjust my A100 pole?
How do you reduce the noise of my poles on the road?
Where do I hang my hiking poles on a backpack?

Maintaining my A100 hiking pole

It is necessary to maintain your hiking poles from time to time in order to improve their lifespan and to maintain their effectiveness.

If you talk about maintaining your pole, you're talking about a clean pole! Remember to clean it well on the outside as well as on the inside. We will tell you what to do on the page below.

When you are not using your poles, fold them up and leave the locking system untightened to retain the tightening strength.

Maintaining, storing and cleaning my A100 pole from Decathlon

repairing my A100 hiking pole

How can I repair the push-pin system?

The push-pin is stuck?We show you on the following video how to solve this problem.

Recycling my A100 hiking pole

You have no other solution but to throw away your poles? Don't put them in the bin or selective sorting, but go to a recycling centre so that they are upgraded. Mainly made of aluminium, this pole must be placed in the metal bin.