maintaining and repairing my A200 easy-to adjust nature hiking pole

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We firmly believe that the life cycle of a product does not end when it is damaged. This is why Decathlon offers solutions for the proper use, maintenance and repair of your product, which will allow you to increase its lifespan.

This A200 pole, designed to be strong and resistant, is however not immune to breakage and can wear out. If this is the case, this page is for you.

Using my a200 hiking pole for the first time

Why use hiking poles?

Poles are very popular with hikers because they have many virtues. Their usefulness responds mainly to three aspects:
- Safety to avoid the risk of falling and to gain balance
- In the pursuit of performance for those who wish to go faster and for longer
- Health for better posture and therefore back and joint relieve

Why use hiking poles?
How do you use hiking poles?

When stationary, the forearm holding the stick should be perpendicular to the arm alongside the body.

Each user is able to choose the way they walk with hiking poles. Alternate or simultaneous approach, one or two poles, you are free to adapt so that it is as natural as possible.

We recommend that you put the tips of your poles far in front of you or to the sides so that you do not get your feet caught up in them when you walk.

It is important to take into account the gradient of the slope in order to adapt the use of your poles:

- Going uphill, you can take your grip slightly lower so as not to constantly change the adjustment of your pole.
- Going downhill, you can use the pommel and remove the wrist strap to avoid the risk of falling. The pole is supportive so avoid putting your full body weight on it.

How do you use an A200 hiking pole?
How to adjust it?

Lengths are preset on the push-pin system to ensure quick and easy adjustment.

To use, press the button then slide the shaft to the correct length and wait for the clip to fit into the hole. Be careful not to go past the red stop line.

Before starting your hike, check that the push-pin is properly engaged so that the pole does not come loose.

Adjusting my A200 pole
How do you adjust the wrist strap?

The correct positioning of the hand in the strap is really important because it gives you better grip and maximum comfort. Whether you have a Velcro or clip strap, let yourself be guided by our advice.

How to adjust the wrist strap on the A200 hiking pole
How do you reduce the noise of my poles on the road?

Because the sound of repeated contact with the ground is annoying at times, you have the option of placing rubber tips on the tips of your poles. However, these only serve as an attenuator and cannot completely reduce noise from other parts of the pole.

Where can i attach my poles on my backpack?

There are many places on the hiking bags to carry your poles when you are not using them when hiking.

For this A200 pole and other poles with more than 3 shafts in general, use the attachment points on your backpack, such as the elastic loops, external pockets or compression straps to secure them.Remember to place them in a strategic place so that they do not get in your way when hiking.

Where can I attach my A200 poles on my backpack?
When do you use the baskets?

Baskets are not required and you can do very well without them. However, they are very useful so that you don't get your point stuck in rocks and potentially break your pole. In addition, you can use slightly larger winter baskets so that you don't get stuck in the snow or even in sand.

Maintaining; storing and cleaning my A200 pole from Decathlon

Maintaining my a200 hiking pole

It is necessary to maintain your hiking poles from time to time to improve their lifespan and to maintain their effectiveness.

If you're talking about maintaining your pole well, you're talking about a clean pole! Think about cleaning it on the outside, but also the inside. We tell you what to do on the page below.

When you are not using your poles, fold them up and leave the locking system untightened to retain the tightening strength.

A200 pole:
compatible spare parts

Getting my hiking pole repaired

Changing the tip of my pole

You do not have the right equipment or you do not feel able to repair it? Don't worry:our workshops will repair it for you!Click on the link below and make an appointment online with our workshops by providing the following service: 8032079.

Recycling my a200 hiking pole

Is there no other solution but to throw away your poles? Don't put them in the bin or selective sorting, but go to a recycling centre so that they can be reused. Mainly made of aluminium, this pole must go into the metal bin, while the baskets must go into the plastic bin.