Maintaining and repairing your HL900 USB V2 lm headlamp

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Maintaining and repairing your HL900 USB V2 400lm headlamp

The HL900 USB V2 headlamp is ultra-powerful, shock-resistant and waterproof.

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Using my headlamp for the first time
What is reserve mode
What is the lock mode for?
How do I know the charge level of my battery?
What is red mode?
Why does the maximum mode only work for 10 seconds?

The performances of your HL900 USB V2 headlamp

What are lumens (lm)?
What are lux?
How is the maximum power of a lamp measured?
How is the range of a light calculated?
How is the autonomy of the lamp calculated?

Power and charging

What type of USB port does this model have?
What type of charger can I use to charge my headlamp?
What is the supplied battery adapter for?

Maintaining my headlamp

How do I store away my headlamp correctly?
How do I clean my headlamp?
Can you replace a LED?
What happens to the lighting products returned to the store?

What is the difference between hiking and trail lamps?

What is the specificity of the hiking / trek lamp?
What is the specificity of a trail lamp?

I complete my headlamp.

To replace the battery of your lamp at the end of its life or to have a backup battery always available, it is possible to obtain a second battery on the Decathlon website.


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