Nabaiji Majesty MP3

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This player can read music files in MP3 (8-320kbps) and WMA (32-192kbps) format


Connects using the USB cable supplied with the device


Packaging: 70.0% Polyurethane thermoplastic, 30.0% Cellulose Outer materials: 100.0% Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Inner chamber: 50.0% Printed circuit board, 50.0% Battery (Lilo) Earphones: 100.0% Printed circuit board


Store the swimming MP3 player in a dry place, away from moisture. Remember to charge the product at least once every three months to extend the lifespan of your battery.


Consult the user guide for more information about this product


2 years

First use

How to choose your earbuds.

Your Majesty player has several ranges of earbuds.

You must take the time beforehand to try each model and each size of earbud so that you can choose the model that suits you best. This will prevent water from entering the earphones (See article "Water has got into my earphones. What should I do?")


Please note, you may need a different size of earbud in each ear (for example: size M in the left ear and size S in the right ear).

Also, it is highly recommended to wear a swim cap to keep the earbuds as securely in place as possible while you swim.

How do i reset my majesty mp3 player?

Press and hold the "Play/Pause" button for 10 seconds.


My computer does not recognise my majesty player. what should i do?

1) The light on the Majesty lights up when you connect your cable:

Check that your operating system is compatible. The following systems are compatible:

PC: Windows XP - Windows Vista - Windows 7 - Windows 8 and later versions.

Mac: Mac 10.6 (snow leopard) – Mac 10.7 (lion) – Mac 10.8 (mountain lion) and later versions.


2) The light on the Majesty does not light up when you connect your cable:

- Check that the jack-USB cable is fully inserted in your computer's USB port and that the connector is clipped onto the Majesty player.

- There may be an issue with your computer's USB port: try connecting your Majesty to another USB port and plug a different USB device into the initial port, just to check that it is working.

- After completing these two checks, disconnect your Majesty, wait for a few minutes until you can switch it on again. Connect the player to your computer again. Remember to clip the connector onto the Majesty before plugging it into your computer's USB port.

My device crashes, turns off and goes back to the first track.

This issue is due to an unsupported file format (right-click - check file properties).

Your files must be in MP3 or WMA format.

I cannot load files onto my majesty.

The player is designed to be compatible with MP3 and WMA files. Therefore, check the format of the file you want to transfer to the player.

How do i add music to my majesty?

It’s easy!

Simply choose your MP3 file from My Computer on a PC or the Desktop on a Mac, then open the "Majesty MP3" player. Once the folder is open, all you have to do is copy and paste or drag and drop your MP3/WMA files directly into it.

Please note, you must make sure that the file copied onto the device is put at the root and not in a folder.

My majesty is not playing any sound after loading and transferring my files.

Check that the file format is correct and that no folders have been created. The file format must be at its root (for example: music.mp3).


My majesty is unresponsive despite being fully charged. what should i do?

If your Majesty player stops responding, check that:

The volume is not turned down

The MP3 player is not on pause

The transferred file is in the correct format (MP3 or WMA)

If necessary, reset the device so that you can update it.

(See article "How do I reset my Majesty MP3 player?")


If necessary, reset the device so that you can update it. (See article “How do I reset my device?”).

My mp3 player is switched off and will not charge.

The battery of your MP3 player is most likely completely drained (unused for several months).

Leave your MP3 player plugged in and wait for an hour. Unplug the MP3 player, then plug it in again.

Also check that the USB cable is the one that came with the MP3 player (incompatible with cables from other models of MP3 player).

How do i charge the battery of my majesty player?

To charge your Majesty, simply connect it to your computer's USB port by clipping the connector onto the part of the earphones intended for this purpose. The green light indicates that the MP3 player is charging.  In this step, always make sure that the jack is fully inserted into your player before plugging it into your computer's USB port.

You can also use a USB / mains charger.

Other questions?

The sound of my majesty varies in the water. what should i do?

For optimal sound quality:

1. Before entering the water (while you are still dry), insert the earbuds in your ears (after having carefully chosen them) and you should feel suction.

Please note, you may need a different size of earbud in each ear.

2. If you have sound issues, check there is no water sitting in the earbuds and/or earphones.

If this is case, thoroughly dry the earbud and the earphones by blowing in them.

3. Variations in sound quality are caused by water getting in between your ear canal and the earbud or due to pressure if you go deep underwater. This does not affect the waterproofing, quality or safety of the product.

The sound volume is too low on my mp3 player

Water entering the ears or earphones reduces audio quality, which causes a dull sound or a loss of sound.

To avoid this, you need to choose a model of earbuds to suit your ears.

Please note, you may need a different size of earbud in each ear.

Water has got into my earphones. what should i do?

You need to choose the right pair of earbuds to fit your ears (See article "How to choose your earbuds") and wear a swim cap. It is important to take the time to try all the available earbud sizes.

If you notice a loss of sound, there may be water in the earphones. Water entering the ears or earphones reduces audio quality, which causes a dull sound or a loss of sound.

If this is the case, blow inside the earphones or shake them to remove some of it.

Majesty MP3

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