Mask with silicone strap: user guide, repair

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Mask with silicone strap: user guide, repair


Welcome to the after-sales service page for your mask with silicone strap.
Find out how to care for and repair your mask with our video tutorials!

First use and assembly

Before you use it for the first time, we recommend a number of measures to prevent it from fogging up. 

Caring for your mask 

Constantly in contact with salt, sand and whatever else you find in the water at your diving spot, your mask for diving or spearfishing needs to be looked after properly.

how to repair your diving mask


At the very least, rinse your mask in fresh water after each use to eliminate any residue


Next, if possible, use your fingers to scrub the inside and outside of the lens with soap or washing-up liquid then rinse once more with clean water to remove the cleaning product


To dry your mask (an important step), you can use a soft towel or even leave it to air dry (away from sunlight and heat)


Avoid exposing the mask for too long to the sun's UV rays, which over time will damage the silicone and therefore the mask's effectiveness.
To store your mask, choose a dry place at room temperature

Compatible spare parts

Order the wide silicone strap for a secure fit on your head, even with a diving hood.
The width fits the SUBEA diving masks, spearfishing masks and most other masks.

User guide