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Massage gun


Our team of engineers and designers designed this muscle massage gun to make self-massage of the entire body straightforward.

A complete self-massage session after your workout? Easy! And customisable with 3 percussion intensities and 4 interchangeable tips which can be adapted to your needs.

First use

How do I turn on my massage gun?

Charge the massage gun before using it for the first time. Then, to turn it on, unplug it and hold the POWER button for two seconds.

How should I hold the product?

Take the product in the palm of your hand at the comfort grip on the handle

How do I massage myself with this massage gun?

Tailor the massage to your needs. Depending on the massage zone and the desired effect, choose the right tip and massage speed.
Position the massage head of the gun over the zone you wish to massage and move it slowly into the zone.
Adjust the pressure to the required massage depth.
Avoid pressing the device too firmly onto your muscles so as not to hurt yourself or cause injury.
Use above your clothes, by pressing down and moving around the body, spending around 1 minute per massage zone.
Move the gun up and down the massage zone. Or place it in a more localised area that needs relief.

How do I change the speed?

Do a short press on the power button to change the speed.
There are three speeds (gentle at 30 Hz, medium at 40 Hz and high at 50 Hz). Press the button to select the most suitable speed for your needs.

30 Hz corresponds to 30 pulses per second.

How do I choose the right massage tip?

The various tips, such as the Ball and Flat tips, will allow you to massage every part of your body. We recommend starting the massage with the Ball. The fork is ideal for the neck and the muscles around the spinal column. The Finger is perfect for localised, more precise areas. Always do a gentle massage to avoid hurting certain zones of the body.

How do I change the massage tip?

Grasp the tip and pull it.
To replace it, place the 2 ribs of the massage tip in the grooves of the mount and then push it in until it locks.

Usage instructions

Recommended massage duration

Ensure you do not use the massage gun for longer than 1 minute on each massage zone.

Area to avoid

Please do not massage the following areas: 
- joints 
- bones 
- eyes and private parts

Use the universal charger

The product comes with a universal adaptor, with a modifiable plug tip to adapt to the electrical socket depending on the network of the country where the charger is plugged in.
To change the type of plug, press the PUSH button and then turn the tip anticlockwise. Position the new tip and turn it clockwise until it clicks.


How do I charge the gun?

The product comes with an AC adaptor can be used with any international socket. The adaptor cable has a specific jack.
Insert the cable jack into the sole socket on the gun (at the back, below the power button)
It takes 3 hours to charge the product fully.



Identify the fault

You can find the massage gun troubleshooting sheet here.
Follow the steps on this sheet to check whether there are any problems with your product. If necessary, read the "REPAIRS" section for tutorials on how to fix certain issues. You can also visit the workshops in your local DECATHLON store.

Link to download the watch troubleshooting sheet (coming soon).

Dismantle your massage gun to replace a part

Tools required

- Your massage gun
- Part(s) to change
- Torx T10 and T8 six-branch star screwdrivers
- Screwing tools
- Stanley knife

⚠️ Necessary precautions ⚠️

Our tip: read the whole tutorial before you start the handling operations.

- The massage gun must be unplugged and switched off during all handling operations.

- Do not use an electric screwdriver. This risks damaging the screw thread.

- Take particular care when unplugging the connectors (step 4). Read this step carefully before starting the handling operations.

Step 1 - Remove the massage tip

  • Remove the tip from the massage gun
  • Remove the tip from the massage gun

Step 2 - Remove the plastic cover

  • Remove the plastic cover

    Unscrew screw A

  • Remove the plastic cover

    Pull firmly to remove the cover

    Our tip: place one hand on the cover and the other on the unit. The cover is fitted into the housing and may put up some resistance when you pull it. No need to panic! Just pull a little harder.

Step 3 - Dismantle the button unit

Safety rules:

- do not put your fingers on the green electronic card.
- do not plug the massage gun in when open.
- do not pull on the connectors before reading the following instructions. Ensure you do not pull too hard when removing the button unit.

  • Dismantling the button unit

    Unscrew screw B

  • Dismantling the button unit

    Remove the button unit

    Pull the button unit to unclip it, without unplugging the connectors. If you wish to replace the button unit, follow steps 4 and 6; step 5 is not necessary.

Step 4: Unplug the connectors

  • Unplugging the connectors

    Remove the yellow glue

    With your Stanley knife, make a cut in the yellow glue (as shown on the image). The objective is to remove the glue on the join to be able to unclip the connectors.


    Pull gently on the white connectors (connected to the wires)

    Be careful. The female connectors, attached to the electronic card (shown with the yellow glue on the above diagram) must not be detached. If this happens, read our instructions (below) carefully before clipping them back.

Necessary precaution: how do I reattach the connectors to the electronic card?

The connectors fixed on the electronic card must not be detached. If this happens, please clip them back the right way, as shown in the video below.


Step 5: Dismantle the motor and battery units

  • Dismantling the motor and battery units

    Unscrew screw C

    Start with the 2 screws on the side of the button unit, followed by those on the side of the tip.

  • Dismantling the motor and battery units

    Remove the top part of the massage gun

    The top part contains the massage gun motor.

Step 6: Replace the part and reassemble the massage gun

Change the part and reassemble your massage gun.


    Screw the top part of the massage gun back on if you have the battery or the motor

  • Replacing the part

    Plug the connectors back in

  • Assembling the massage gun

    Screw the button unit back

  • Assembling the massage gun

    Reattach and screw in the cover

Spare parts

Here are the spare parts: 

100 Massage

Second-hand sale

Using the "Troubleshooting" sheet, you can conduct a preliminary verification of your product.
Once your product has been checked by our teams, you can sell it second hand and thus keep your old products in circulation.

For more information about the DECATHLON Second Hand service, click on the button below.

User guide

  • Do you need the product instructions? Click on download.

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