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After-sales service sheet for the MF500 freestyle scooter: here, you'll find the user guide, our care advice, and our tutorial videos for repairing your scooter.

Technical details and maintenance


Store in a dry place away from sunlight

Wheel Size

100, 110 or 120mm? The greater the wheel's diameter, the more stability the rider has and the faster they can go... However, the trade-off is a heavier weight. A larger wheel will be heavier and harder to manipulate when executing tricks. You should therefore choose a wheel size that suits your goals.



Freestyle vs Classic Scooter

The difference between a freestyle scooter and a classic scooter are fairly similar to those between a BMX bike and a city bike.A freestyle scooter has wider handlebars and smaller wheels (that are therefore easier to manoeuvre). Its weight is also different (it is lighter) and is overall easier to handle: since the goal is to do tricks, the handlebars can spin all the way around.Finally, freestyle scooters are also stiffer and more durable.

Preventative Maintenance

Freestyling on a scooter is an extreme sport (even for beginners). Our OXELO MF range was designed for this type of sport. But while they are durable, they are not indestructible.You should therefore restrict all movement in the steering column (tighten it if necessary) and watch out for parts starting to crack or break (replace the worn-out part if necessary) before, during, and after each use of this scooter.

Weight Limit

The maximum weight for the MF500 is 100 kg.