How to look after and repair a MH500 backpack

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This MH100 backpack is ideal for all your mountain hikes and is particularly lightweight and comfortable to carry.
Is there a problem with, or do you have a question about, your model? You can find all the tips and solutions to help you here!
This product guide covers all our MH100 backpacks, irrespective of capacity.

Some practical advice on using your mh100 backpack

What is air cooling technology?

Air cooling is the name of the ventilation technology used in our backpacks - a system that is tested in our laboratories to ensure airflow and comfort.

Some practical advice on using your MH100 backpack
What should i put in my backpack when going hiking?

When you go hiking, you are never safe from changing weather conditions, a small injury, etc.
Therefore, it is important to check your equipment before going hiking.

Rain jacket, sun cream, first aid kit, sufficient water etc... click on the link below to discover our list of essential equipment and leave with peace of mind.

What should I put in my backpack when going hiking?

How to load your backpack

When you load your bag you need to find a good front/back, left/right balance so that the weight doesn't strain your back.

Find all our detailed advice by clicking on the following link!

What is the weight limit for my mh100 backpack?

Ideally, to prevent you damaging your back and ensure you stay in good physical shape throughout your hike, your backpack should not exceed 25% of your body weight, irrespective of whether you're a man, woman or child. However, this is fairly subjective and depends on your level of training and the length and difficulty of your hike.

How to adjust your mh100 backpack

Adjusting your backpack correctly is really important so you can enjoy the best possible walking conditions and avoid damaging your back.
Below we set out all the necessary steps to help you adjust your bag properly.

adjusting a MH100 backpack
How waterproof is my mh100 backpack?

Our backpacks use water-repellent but not waterproof components. Indeed, designing a 100% waterproof bag requires the sealing of every seam line as well as the use of specific and very expensive zips. You can fit your bag with a rain cover which will provide better protection.

Backpack rain cover

Wash your mh100 backpack

Washing an MH100 backpack

Repair your mh100 backpack

Below you will find all the spare parts and accessories so you can carry out various repairs on your backpack.


If a small hole has formed on the front or bottom of your bag, you can easily repair it by applying a patch or a piece of adhesive tape (rounded shape one or two cm larger than the hole). We advise you to apply it on the inside as well as the outside.
If the hole is bigger, go to a cobbler and take advantage of his expertise to give your backpack a second life.

Customise your mh100 backpack

Would you like to make your backpack unique by customising it? Visit the workshop in your shop to take advantage of the existing services. Writing, embroidery, stickers… the choice is yours!