MH100 folding stool seat: instructions, repairs

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Do you have a folding chair for camping? Discover all our tips and solutions for maintaining and repairing your furniture to increase its lifespan.


I’m using my folding chair for the first time

Designed for all of your camping trips with a compact design. It’s key strength is its compact size once folded (53 cm x 41 cm x 3 cm), as well as its weight at only 660 g.

MH100 folding stool seat: instructions, repairs
What is the maximum weight the chair can support?

Its tube solidity and fabric strength guarantees it can support weight up to 110 kg.

However, it’s advisable not to use it as a platform for standing on. The weight distribution on the fabric in this position is not the same as if you were sitting.

Is the chair weather-resistant?

Eco-designed by our designers, our folding low chair meets all of our experimentation criteria in real-life situations. It will therefore be able to provide you with long service on your occasional outdoor camping trips, in your garden or in the great outdoors.

However, continuous exposure to UV rays and humidity for several weeks could wear down the fabric section.

This product is not classified as "“garden furniture”" and as such it isn’t designed to be left outdoors permanently. We advise you to rather store it in a dry place away from direct sunlight to increase its lifespan.

We have, however, thought of everything! In the next part of this article, learn how to repair your folding chair yourself using our latest fabric repair kit spare part!

MH100 folding stool seat: instructions, repairs
Is a guarantee offered on this camping chair?

The Decathlon guarantee for this product is 5 years.

Taking care of the chair

Cleaning 🧼

You’ll need to clean your chair if you accidentally spilt and formed a coffee stain or because you store your chair in the attic after returning from holidays, so you’ll need a soft brush and cloths, one of which is damp.

Take a slightly damp cloth with some household soap, and rub the stain gently. Then rinse with clean water and repeat until the stain disappears.

Storage 📦

Before storing your chair in the cupboard after your holidays, we advise you to clean it off first. With a small cloth, remove any traces of soil and dust to maintain the good condition of the fabric. Then store it in a clean, dry place away from direct sunlight.

I repair it myself


This spare part is designed to replace the seat of your MH100 chair.
It’s as easy to install and it’s done in the same way as during the first set-up.

The product model code is: 350648

MH100 folding stool seat: instructions, repairs

Giving your camping chair a second life

No longer use your camping chair and don’t know what to do with it?

Instead of throwing it away, don't hesitate to resell it second-hand using the Decathlon Second-hand platform! Fill in all the information about your product online. We will therefore offer you the best sales solutions, then you can drop off your product in the store to finalize the procedure.

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