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This hydration bladder has been designed to keep you hydrated during your mountain bike rides of up to 3 hours. It contains one built-in 2L water bladder and has a 7L capacity.

Very practical: its 3 outer pockets provide access to your phone, granola bars, tissues, and multitool without needing to take it off.

Take the essentials…

…and only the essentials!

With its separate compartments and 6L volume, this pack can carry everything you need for your ride!
It also has a handy 2L water bladder to easily keep you hydrated throughout your ride.


How to look after your hydration pack

Good maintenance will make your pack last longer

Your kit really gets put through the wringer in mountain biking. Even if your pack is designed to withstand close encounters with branches and stones, it can still wear out prematurely because of all the mud and sweat. What tends to happen is that they get soaked up by the fabric and then damage it as they dry. Mud breaks down the weave, while the salt in sweat attacks the fibres. This is why it's essential to take good care of your hydration pack and clean it regularly.

Doing so will mean that your pack lasts longer, which will reduce its environmental footprint.

Don't machine wash it as this could damage certain parts. Instead, hand wash it with water and a mild soap. A sponge or a soft brush will be just the job!

As a precaution, you could use a waterproofing spray to guard against splashes of mud.

Tip: To get rid of the toughest mud stains, soak a sponge in a mixture of water and white vinegar then rub the stain!


Don't throw away. repair!

At decathlon, we're putting every effort into making our products more sustainable... but we need your help to get there!

Even though we do our very best to bring you products that will keep going as long as possible, they won't last for ever. They can get damaged, torn or broken. A fall, a lack of care or heavy use over time can wear down your pack or even cause holes to develop. This is why we want to make our products more repairable.

Choosing to repair a product rather than replacing it can not only save you money, but help save the planet too. The longer your product lasts, the lower its environmental impact will be.

We therefore offer repair solutions and spare parts to prolong the life of your hydration pack.

The most eco-friendly product available is the one you already have!

Applying a stick-on patch

Repairing a snagged pack

If your bag has a hole in it, there are things you can do to give it a new lease of life

Before that hole gets bigger and tears more of the fabric, you can take steps to repair your pack. 

Very soon, our workshops will be able to repair all types of snags and tears on your mountain biking clothing and bags. But you can take action right now by repairing your clothing yourself!

One way of doing so could be to use a stick-on repair patch. This patch has been designed to repair clothing, bags, tents, and even shoes. To make it less obvious, you can even place the patch on the inside of the bag. For a better stick, you might want to round off the corners of the patch.

Spare parts