MTB XC 500 11s

REF: 8405438, 8405437, 8405435

ROCKRIDER XC 500 11S MTB - 29", 27.5"PLUS AND 27.5"


Designed for regular training and participating in cross country mountain bike races. Push your limits and monitor your performance.

Choose our high performance aluminium XC mountain bike with a GX drive train, Reba fork, and a choice of 29"," 27.5" plus and 27.5". This Switch & Ride" mountain bike is compatible with 3 wheel sizes! 

First use

Front wheel axle guide
Operating the sram derailleur
Maintaining the bottom bracket and sram casing
Mounting sram chainwheel guard and star nut
Operating the shifter and brake lever
Replacing the brake pads
Technical specifications for the rockshox reba rl fork
Maintaining the rockshox reba rl fork
Installing and adjusting the rockshox reba rl fork
Using the rockshox reba rl fork
Maintaining your mtb after a ride

To enjoy your rides and ensure your bike continues to perform for as long as possible, don't forget to take care of your bike by following the tips below.

User guide and software app


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