Crampons User Manual

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Mountaineering Crampons - MAKALU, MONOCÉROS, CAÏMAN, VAMPIRE

Your pair of SIMOND crampons have been developed from chrome and molybdenum steel, these materials are selected for their robustness.
Here you can find how to adjust and attach your crampons onto your shoes.


To guarantee a maximum level of safety, the crampons should be used with snowshoes which prevent the build up of snow under the crampon. Be careful, some types of snow can lead to a build up of snow despite using snowshoes. In this case (rarely), the snow must be removed regularly from the crampon with an ice axe. Transport the crampons in a protective cover. Be careful not to injure yourself or someone else when the crampons are attached to your backpack.

Simond crampons are Personal Protective Equipment which constitutes a prevention of slips and falls covered by Regulation (EU) 2016/425.


Only people trained in mountaineering techniques or are under direct visual inspection and trained in mountaineering techniques are permitted to use this equipment. You take responsibility for this training. If you have not received this mountaineering technical training, don’t use this equipment. Ignorance and/or misapplication of these techniques can result in serious injury or death.

fitting your crampons

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Before using the crampons, check that the chosen binding system is compatible with the shoe used.
Only use soft brake bars on soft crampon compatible shoes.

Putting on your crampons
Adjust the size
Adjust the length
Automatic system
Semi-automatic system
Strap system
Mounting the points on the Vampires
Mounting the points on the Monoceros

Inspection, lifespan and guarantee


Maintaining your crampons



MAKALU: Name of the crampon (e.g.)

RIGHT or LEFT: Put the crampon on the right foot (Right) or on the left foot (Left).

XXMMYY: tracking number: Batch number (XX), month it was made (MM) and year it was made (YY) MM YY on the brake bar: Month (MM) and Year (YY) the crampon was made

CE: Equipment complies with the requirements of Regulation (EU) 2016/425

Informed body that carried out the EU type examination: APAVE SUDEUROPE SAS - CS60193 – 13322 Marseille Cedex – France.
Laboratory no: 0082