Looking after and repairing your MT900 compact walking pole

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MT900 ultra-compact, ergonomic walking pole: how to use, adjust, look after and repair it


The MT900 ergonomic walking pole has been designed to be durable and strong.
Do you have a question about how to use, look after or repair your walking pole?

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I am using my MT900 ergonomic walking pole for the first time

Why use hiking poles?

Poles are very popular with hikers because they have many virtues. Their usefulness responds mainly to three aspects:
- Safety to avoid the risk of falling and to gain balance
- In the pursuit of performance for those who wish to go faster and for longer
- Health for better posture and to relieve the back and joints

Why use hiking poles?
How to open your MT900 pole

The MT900 pole is different from others in that it folds on itself. To open your pole, untie the Velcro and let it unfold itself. Then, pull the brown aluminium ring until the metal end, called the push-pin, pops out (you have to pull hard enough) and clips into the hole.

MT900 ergonomic walking pole on a wall
How do you use hiking poles?

At a standstill, to use a walking stick style pole, you will have a bigger opening (around 140°) as shown on the photo.

Each user can choose the way they walk with hiking poles. Alternate or simultaneous approach, one or two poles, you are free to adapt so that it is as natural as possible.

We advise you to put the tips of your poles far in front of you or to the sides so that you don't get your feet caught in them when you walk.

How to use MT900 ergonomic walking poles
How to adjust your MT900 pole

The external blocker is the most popular system used for easily and precisely adjusting it to the length you want.
Once your pole is unfolded, all you have to do is open the lever of the external blocker and slide the section to the required length. Finish by closing the lever. Be careful not to go beyond the red line of the stop mark.

If you feel that the pole is coming loose and the sections are starting to slip, don't hesitate to tighten the external blocker with the adjustment wheel.

Use the external blocker on your pole
How do you adjust the strap?

Correctly positioning your hand in the strap is really important because it gives you a better grip and maximum comfort. Whether you have a velcro or clip strap, let our advice be your guide.

How to adjust the strap on your hiking pole
How do you reduce the noise of my poles?

Because the noise of the repeated tapping sound on the ground is sometimes annoying, you can add rubber caps to the tips of your poles. However, these only serve as an attenuator and cannot completely reduce noise from other parts of the stick.

Where can you hang your poles on a backpack?

There are many spaces provided on the hiking bags to carry your poles when you are not using them during your entire hike.
The main benefit of the MT900 pole and poles with more than 3 sections is that you can fold them up, which means that you can easily store it inside a bag or in a side pocket.

Where can I attach my hiking poles on a backpack?
When to use baskets?

Baskets aren’t essential and you can manage perfectly well without them. However, they’re very useful to avoid getting the tip of your pole stuck among rocks and potentially breaking your pole. What’s more, you can use slightly larger winter baskets so that you don't sink into the snow or even into sand.

Maintaining, storing and cleaning an MT500 pole from Decathlon

Maintaining my MT900 ergonomic hiking pole

It is necessary to maintain your hiking poles from time to time to improve their lifespan and to maintain their effectiveness.

If you talk about maintaining your pole, you're talking about a clean pole! Remember to clean it well on the outside as well as on the inside. We will tell you what to do on the page below.

When you are not using your poles, fold them up and leave the blockers loose to conserve their clamping power.

MT900 ergonomic walking pole:
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