MT900 Trekking Tent: instructions, assembly, repair

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Have you bought a trekking tent and have a question or found a problem with your model? Don't worry, we are here to support you.

This sheet contains information about all our MT900 UL tents, irrespective of capacity.

I look after my trekking tent

maintaining a MT900 Ultralight trekking tent

Before pitching your tent, leave the front door closed to avoid stretching the canvas too much when you pitch the poles Do not tighten the guy ropes too much because too much tension on the canvas could damage it. Finally, do not leave the tent too exposed to the sun because UV light causes premature wear.

Do not use any cleaning products to wash your tent, but rather plain or soapy water if necessary. Make sure you rinse it well when you've finished.

It is important to dry your tent well after cleaning it to avoid traces of mildew. If you have room at home, assemble it completely, open all the doors so that it dries quicker. If, on the contrary, you run out of space, detach the pieces one by one and extend them.
Finally, remember to dry the cover as well.

Store your tent in a dry place at room temperature. Remember to close the front door to prevent your tent from being too tight when you put it up again.

Several factors can affect the waterproofness level of your tent, such as exposure to the sun, friction inside the cover or even natural wear.
Therefore, we advise you to apply a waterproofing spray on the canvas at least once a year.

I repair my tent in a workshop

Take advantage of the expertise of our employees and make an appointment online to benefit from one of the following workshop services.


You just need to apply a patch or adhesive to fill the hole. We recommend that you apply them on the inside of your flysheet or your bedroom for better adhesion.

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