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The ONCOACH 100 connects to your phone using the DECATHLON CONNECT application.

To discover and download DECATHLON CONNECT, click here.

First use

How should i position my oncoach 100 on my wrist?

There is a triangular indicator on the rear of the module. This indicator corresponds to the upper part of your ONcoach 100. When you put on your ONcoach 100, make sure that this indicator is properly positioned on the wrist bone side of your wrist.

How can i read my progress towards my daily steps target?

Press the central button to view the time and then your progress towards your daily target. Once the time is displayed, your progress is shown by the 12 indicator lights. When four indicator lights are alight, you are at 25% of your target. When six indicator lights are alight, you are at 50% of your target.

How can i record a sports session with workout mode?

Your ONcoach 100 lets you record other sports practices than everyday walking.This mode lets you measure the duration of your sports session and the calories consumed.
For walking and running, it will also measure average speed and distance.

To start recording a sports session, press the central button twice.
Two indicator lights rotating clockwise indicate that recording has started.
To stop recording, press the button twice.
Two indicator lights rotating anticlockwise indicate that recording has stopped.

How can i read the time on my oncoach 100?

Press the central button to view the time and then your progress towards your daily target. Four indicator lights show the quarter-hours. One indicator light shows the time, and another flashes to show the minutes.

How can i measure my sleep?

Your ONcoach 100 measures your sleep automatically. For the measurement to be taken, you must wear it while you sleep. Our algorithm detects the time you go to bed, the time when you wake up and the different phases according to your movements at night.
When workout mode is activated, your ONcoach 100 cannot measure your sleep.

How can i pair my oncoach 100 with the oncoach application?

To pair your ONcoach 100 with the application for the first time:- download the ONcoach app on Google Play or Apple Store- create an account, or sign in with your Geonaute account logins (Decathlon coach, myGeonaute connect, Domyos live)- follow the instructionsTo pair a new ONcoach 100 with the application, go to the menu, choose"My ONcoach 100", then select"Connect a new ONcoach 100"

How can i set my step and/or sleep goals?

You will be asked to configure your step and sleep targets the first time you start the ONcoach application. If you want to change these targets later, you can do so by going to the"my target" menu on your application.

How can i synchronise my sports sessions?

When synchronising your ONcoach 100 with the application, you will have to identify the sport practised for each recorded sports session.You can then view the length of your sports session and the calories consumed.For walking and running, the ONcoach 100 will also measure average speed and distance.

When creating my account, i get a message"email address already taken", what should i do?

Your email address is already used for Geonaute account (Decathlon coach, myGeonaute connect, Domyos live). You can log in with this address and your password without creating a new account.

I cannot see a period of activity or sleep on the application, why is this?

If you have not worn your ONcoach 100 during this period, it will not be able to measure activity or sleep.If you have worn your ONcoach 100 during this period, make sure that it is connected to the application and that you have synchronised it.

Which application to use with my oncoach 100?

The ONcoach 100 was developed to work with the ONcoach app available on the Apple App Store and the Android Playstore.

Now, a new application is available: DECATHLON Connect.

His simple and fun design will allow you to connect and analyze the data of your fitness tracker

Also available on Apple and Android platforms.

To download, you can use the buttons below this topic.


Does my oncoach 100 count my steps when i push a pushchair?

Your ONcoach counts your paces when you are pushing a pushchair, but the number of paces counted may be lower, because your arms do not move.

Does my oncoach 100 count my steps when i am in the car?

The algorithms of your ONcoach 100 have been developed to not count steps when you are in your car, in a bus or another means of transport. It is possible, however, that the vibrations emitted by the vehicle generate additional steps.

My oncoach 100 counts my steps when i am not walking?

The algorithms of your ONcoach 100 have been developed to count steps only during walking activities.
However, additional steps may be counted when you perform movements at frequencies close to that of walking.


What is the degree of precision of my oncoach 100 when running (in workout mode)?

The ONcoach 100 has been tested on a sample of more than 90 people walking or running at a comfortable speed.
The error detected on the number of steps when running was +/- 3% for 68%. It was higher for the rest of users.
The error detected on distance when running was +/- 15% for 68%. It was higher for the rest of users.

To improve the accuracy of distance measurement when running, you can calibrate it from the application in the “My ONcoach 100" /"Calibrate my ONcoach 100" menu.

What are the different phases of sleep?

Light sleep:
There are two light sleep phases.
Cycle 1: In the first 7 minutes, you are in a phase of light sleep. Your eyes try to stay open and your muscles start to relax.
Cycle 2: You then enter the second phase of light sleep, in which your body becomes relaxed and gets ready to dream.

Deep sleep:
There are also two light deep phases.
Cycle 3 (slow wave sleep): this phase lasts between 20 and 40 minutes, and allows the body to relax.
Cycle 4 (paradoxical sleep): this is the phase when we dream. It enhances the brain's functions and allows for the creation of memories.
Restorative sleep is characterised by an increase in the length of paradoxical sleep as the night progresses. It gradually replaces the cycle 3.

What is the degree of precision of my oncoach 100 for everyday walking?

The ONcoach 100 has been tested on a sample of more than 100 people, walking or running at a comfortable speed.
The error detected on the number of steps when walking was +/- 6% for 68%. It was higher for the rest of users.

Nevertheless, when you make other movements with your arms, the ONcoach 100 may count some extra paces.

The distance measured when running does not appear to be precise (in workout mode)

Your ONcoach 100 calculates the distance using an algorithm developed by our research and development team.
If you think that the distance is wrong, you can change the pace length in the"My ONcoach 100/Calibrate my ONcoach 100" menu in the application.Calibration only works for running.

Are my naps recorded?

Yes, any sleep is detected and measured by your ONcoach 100, irrespective of the time of day.


What is the battery life of my oncoach 100?

The ONcoach 100 can be used for six months under normal conditions.
Since it uses a battery, its lifetime depends on the use, and in particular on the frequency of synchronisation with the application and the display of the indicator lights.

How should i change the battery in my oncoach 100?

To replace the battery of the ONcoach 100, turn the battery cover to the left and remove it.
Gently pull the black tab to extract the battery.Insert the new battery, while making sure that the positive pole is towards the bottom of the battery cover.
Close the battery cover by placing the 2 triangular indicators face to face and making sure to reposition the tab on the battery.
Push the cover until it closes properly.
Turn it to the right until the triangular indicator is vertical.

Synchronize your ONcoach 100 with the application to reset the correct time.

The led display is weak or absent when i press the button, why is this?

If the LED display is weak or missing, the battery level may be low.
You can check the battery level from the application in the"My ONcoach 100" /"Information" menu.
It is advisable to change the battery when you notice this kind of display problem.

Another question?

Is my oncoach 100 waterproof?

The ONcoach 100 is 3 ATM waterproof, which means that you can wear it in the shower and that it withstands perspiration, rain and splashes.
Remember to carefully dry the bracelet and the module before putting the ONcoach 100 on again when it is wet.

Four lights forming a cross come on when i press the central button. what does this mean?

When the workout mode is activated (recording a sport session), the data cannot be transferred to your smartphone and the time and your target gauge cannot be viewed. When you press the button, an indicator light (four lights in the shape of a cross) informs you that you are in workout mode.

How much memory does my oncoach 100 have?

Your ONcoach 100 can record up to 30 days of data.
It is however advisable to frequently synchronise your ONcoach 100 with the ONcoach application to optimise the transfer time.

What is workout mode?

In workout mode you can record the start and the end of a sport session. You can then retrieve the session in the ONcoach application. The application will ask you to select one of more than 40 sports. You can then view the length of the session and the calories consumed. For walking and running, you can also view the distance and the average speed.

I maintain my product

it is recommended to rinse your watch with clear or slightly soapy water because sweat, chlorine or salt water can deteriorate materials such as that of the bracelet over time
Then, using a cloth, wipe and dry the watch.

Avoid certain exposures:
- Has a magnet because the watch contains a magnetometer which could be damaged
- In the sun because prolonged exposure to the sun can have various repercussions, such as the loss of colors or the degradation of the battery and its lifespan.
- Chemical products because they are aggressive (household products, cosmetics, etc.)
- To children: the product contains a battery which can be fatal if swallowed.


Here you will find the troubleshooting sheet for the ONCOACH 100.
By following the steps in this sheet, you can check if there is a possible problem with your product. If necessary, you will find in the "I REPAIR" section the tutorials indicated for the repair. You can also come to the workshops of your DECATHLON store.

Link to download the watch troubleshooting sheet (coming soon).

I repair my product

On this product, it is possible to carry out the following repairs:

Replace battery

Take a new CR2032 battery.

To change your battery, install yourself in a dry environment, away from dust and water. By hand, turn the back cover counterclockwise.

- Remove the old battery.

- Place the new battery in the bottom of the watch, between the metal tabs, negative side down, positive side up (marked with a +).

- Refit the cover, taking care not to damage the seal. Lock the cover by turning clockwise until completely closed. Your bonnet must be perfectly flat and locked as much as possible (stop). Otherwise, start the operation again.

You can also go to a Decathlon store or a watchmaker.

ONcoach 100
End of product life

If your product cannot be repaired, take it to a WEEE collection point or to any DECATHLON store to optimize its recycling.

Spare parts

Here is the list of spare parts for the ONCOACH 100:

- CR2032 BATTERY :
Reference: 5867205

You can order spare parts (depending on availability) on our decathlon.co.uk site by clicking on one of the buttons below or contact the after-sales team at your usual DECATHLON store.

ONcoach 100
ONcoach 100

Cr2032 battery

Référence : 5867205

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