ONpower 500 Travel

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First use

When using for the first time, should i fully charge or discharge my onpower 500 travel?

For long-term optimal performance, when using for the first time, we recommend that you fully discharge and then fully charge your ONPower Travel.

How do i use my product?

To charge your electronic device, you just need to plug it into your ONPower Travel, using the white cable provided, then press the POWER button on the side to start charging.

Remember: Having a special button to start charging is a real advantage. It means you can reduce energy loss when the device is not in use.

How can i use my onpower 700 travel?

The Onpower Travel allows you to recharge all kinds of electronic devices while exercising. It's used regularly for hiking, bike rides, bike-touring, trekking, orienteering etc....

It allows you to use your GPS bike or watch for longer periods, ideal for undertaking lengthy activities.


How long does it take to fully recharge my electronic device?

It'll take roughly 1.5-2 hours to charge an electronic device (telephone, tablet etc.) with a 1500mAh battery.
Remember: The time needed to charge your electronic device is not determined by your ONPower TRAVEL, but rather by the device's current carrying capacity.

Why does my electronic device take longer than expected to charge?

It depends on the electronic device: Smartphones and tablets have different size batteries and different power requirements.
- Check that your device is connected to the right port.
Furthermore, like all rechargeable batteries, when your electronic device is around 80% charged, the current flow delivered by your ONPower Travel will decrease for the final 20%, extending the time needed to fully recharge your device.

Can i charge my onpower travel and recharge my electronic device (telephone etc.), using my onpower travel, at the same time?

Yes, the ONPower Travel has been designed so that it can charge itself and your electronic device at the same time.
It inevitably takes longer to charge your ONPower Travel using the USB port of your computer.

Another question?

Can i leave my onpower travel plugged into my electronic device once the device is fully charged?

Once your electronic device is 100% charged, we recommend that you disconnect if from your ONPower Travel.

In any event, the ONpower TRAVEL will switch off automatically after a certain time to avoid wasting energy unnecessarily.

Can i use a usb cable other than the one supplied with my onpower travel?

We recommend that you use the cable supplied with your ONPower Travel. It helps optimise the charge between your electronic device and the ONpower TRAVEL. It's possible to use other generic cables though these may result in a loss of power and prevent your device from charging.

Furthermore, some generic cables can't handle currents that are higher than 1A, and so may end up damaging your device.

Why doesn't my onpower travel deliver the same rated capacity stated on the packaging and product?

The capacity stated on the packaging and the product is the nominal-rated capacity of the batteries.
It's a method of communication used by all market players, allowing you to compare products.
Your device will receive less than this nominal capacity due to energy lost when transferring energy between devices.

ONpower 500 Travel

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