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Can i use my heart rate monitor with a pacemaker?

We recommend that individuals with pacemakers do not use a heart rate monitor. In fact, the radio transmission system could disrupt the signal.

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How is my heart rate measured?

Your heart rate is measured using a chest strap. This comprises two electrodes and a transmitter.
When your heart beats, it creates a weak electric field. This is captured by the electrodes then transmitted to your watch by the belt's transmitter.

How can i find out my maximum heart rate?

To determine your target heart rate when exercising, firstly you need to identify your maximum heart rate.
The maximum heart rate (max HR) is the maximum rate at which a human heart should ideally beat.
This figure depends on age and can be estimated using the following formula: MaxHR = 220 - age To identify an individual's maximum heart rate more accurately, you're advised to undergo a maximum heart rate test, administered by a doctor.
Once you've identified your MaxHR, you can decide on a target heart-rate zone, for your workout, depending on your goal. WARM-UP/RECOVERY. 50 to 60% of your max HR The blue zone corresponds to a moderate effort. Ideal for a gentle warm up at the beginning of your session and for an active end of session cool down to help remove waste produced by your muscles during exercise.

BASIC STAMINA 60 to 70% of your MaxHR Basic stamina is essential for all sportsmen and women. It is particularly good for the health as well as improving your performance during long exercise sessions. Exercise in this zone for over 45 minutes in order to gently exercise your heart, improve the blood supply to your muscles and train your muscles to draw on your fat reserves. ENDURANCE

TRAINING 70 to 80% of your max HR In this zone you are training just below your anaerobic threshold: the effort is intense but your body is still able to provide enough oxygen to maintain this effort over time. Active endurance training will encourage your muscles to draw on sugar supplies, present in your muscle fibres, more effectively when exercising and store this sugar more effectively when at rest. This type of training must be done less frequently than basic endurance.

GENTLE RESISTANCE 80 to 90% of your max HR Your body is unable to supply the muscles with sufficient oxygen to meet their needs: this is the anaerobic or resistance threshold. This zone helps to improve your performance and your endurance if you exercise in short repeated bursts (intervals). Your muscles will work more effectively and your heart beat more regularly as you approach the threshold.

HEAVY RESISTANCE > 90% of your MaxHR
This zone represents intense exercise. This type of exercise must only be done for very short intervals. It helps to increase your anaerobic threshold and therefore improve your performance and your endurance. The red zone is reserved for sportsmen and women with good self-knowledge, who are really seeking to improve their performance levels.

Can my signal be disrupted by other heart rate monitors?

Your Geonaute heart rate monitor has a coded signal. This means than there is a unique communication frequency between your watch and belt so it can't be disrupted by another heart rate monitor. However, when the watch is searching for a signal from the belt, it's important to keep away from other heart rate monitor users. Once the link has been established, you can use your device near other users.

How can i improve the reception of my heart rate monitor?

If it takes a long time to locate a signal or if the readings appear inconsistent:
1 - Check that your belt is correctly positioned on your body. Also check that it's the right way round.
2 - Check that you have dampened the sensors on your belt.
3 - The HR signal can be affected by electromagnetic interference (power lines, railway, computers etc. When using your heart rate monitor, ensure that you stay away from these kinds of interference
4 - Check that the battery is still charged. 0

Another question?

What is a heart rate monitor?

A heart rate monitor is an electronic device which measures your heart rate using a chest strap. The signal is transmitted wirelessly from the strap to your watch and the heart rate reading displayed in BPM (Beats Per Minute).

What is a heart rate monitor used for?

Your heart rate is one of the best ways of instantly assessing your fitness level.
By monitoring your heart rate, you can easily determine the effect of exercise on your body.
This allows you to better manage your workout and achieve your goals more easily.

Why is my heart rate reading low when i'm in the middle of exercising?

Check that the heart rate readings are displayed in BPM and not in heart rate percentage. In fact, heart rate percentage readings are a lot lower than the BPM reading.

How can i use the stopwatch without using the cardio belt?

You can access your stopwatch from the "CARDIO" mode. You just need to wait for your belt to stop searching and then you can start using your stopwatch.

I maintain my watch

- Cleaning the watch :
In order to keep your watch glass clean, it is advisable to clean it with a damp cloth.
In order to optimize the performance of the heart sensor, it is also advisable to clean it regularly with a damp cloth.

You can also clean the charging connector with a dry toothbrush.


Here you will find the troubleshooting sheet for your product.
By following the steps in this sheet, you can check if there is a possible problem with your product. If necessary, you will find in the "I REPAIR" section the tutorials indicated for the repair. You can also come to the workshops of your DECATHLON store.

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I repair my watch

The following repairs can be carried out on this product :

Battery change

To change the battery in your altimeter watch, please follow the steps explained in the video opposite :

End of product life

If your product cannot be repaired, return it to a WEEE collection point or any DECATHLON store to optimize recycling.

Spare parts

Here is the list of spare parts for the ONRHYTHM 410 PROGRESS :

- CR2032 BATTERY :
Reference : 5867205

You can order spare parts (depending on availability) on our website decathlon.co.uk by clicking on one of the buttons below or contact the after-sales service team at your usual DECATHLON store.

ONrhythm 410 Progress
ONrhythm 410 Progress

Cr2032 battery

Reference : 5867205

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ONrhythm 410 Progress

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