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How do i set my stride length?

There are 2 ways of setting your stride length on your Geonaute pedometer: automatically (AUTO) or manually (MANU). This setting is applied in the 'Set' menu of your pedometer.

AUTO: Depending on your height, the pedometer will automatically calculate your stride length using a patented Oxylane algorithm.
MANU: For the most accurate results, you can enter your stride length manually.

To measure your stride length: Walk 10 metres, counting the number of steps you take, then use the following formula: 10 metres/number of strides = length of stride

What is the correct way of carrying my pedometer?

The ONstep 400 pedometer is equipped with a 3D accelerometer which means it can be kept: in your pocket, on your belt or around your neck

Why do i need to set the time on my pedometer when it's not displayed?

Your pedometer automatically resets at midnight each day. That's why you need to set the time so that it knows when to rest. Setting the date is also important for your pedometer's memory management.

How can i switch off my pedometer?

You don't need to switch off your pedometer. In fact, it goes into sleep mode after 5 minutes of inactivity. It "wakes up" automatically as soon as you start walking or when you press one of the buttons.


The readings on my pedometer seem incorrect or inaccurate. why is this?

Inaccurate readings on your pedometer may be caused by several factors:
- an incorrect stride length setting. If this is set to 'AUTO' mode, we recommend that you set it to 'MANU' mode.
- if you are using your pedometer for an activity other than normal or fast walking, e.g. running, hiking etc.

Can i use my pedometer for running or hiking?

Your pedometer is designed for normal walking and brisk walking. The algorithms used to calculate calories and distance etc., are not designed to track running or elevation changes. These values will therefore be inaccurate.

Another question?

What is power walking?

Power walking is walking at a sustained pace which is extremely beneficial for your health. Your pedometer automatically determines your threshold for power walking, depending on your weight and height. The taller you are the faster you need to walk to reach this threshold. Geonaute pedometers calculate your active walking time.

Where can i see my average speed?

Your average speed will be available only at the end of your walking day. This average speed is measured over a day and will be available in the "memory" menu of your pedometer.
The speed displayed on the main screen is your instant walking speed.

How do i reset my pedometer?

You can also reset all values on your pedometer by holding down the left and right buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds.

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