Onwalk 100

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Our designers developed this pedometer to measure your steps and distance during fitness, Nordic and daily walking on flat ground.

This pedometer measures your steps and the distance covered whatever its position: on the belt, in your pocket or in your bag.

First use

Packaging content.

 A Onwalk One pedometer with its battery, user manual and all legal informations.

How to turn on your pedometer ?

To start your pedometer, maintain the center button during 5 seconds.

First use setting.

During the first use, you will arrive to a unit setting menu.

-You can choose the distance unit: "METER" for countries using the meter unit or "MILES" for countries using miles as distance unit. A short press of the button (less than 1 second) will switch the differents unit, and a long press (more than 5 seconds) confirms the selection.

-After confirming the selection, you will arrive to another screen where you have to set your size. You can do multiple short press (less than 1 second) to increase your size. If you exceed, you can continue to reach the maximum (2.2m or 6.6ft) and you will restart to the minimum size (1m or 3.3ft) and then set again your correct size. Once your size is correctly set, do a long press (more than 5 seconds) to validate.

-A "Done" Message appears, followed with a "0".

-Your pedometer is ready to use.

How to reset my pedometer ?

To reset your pedometer, you can do a long press (more than 5 seconds) on the center button.

How to turn off my pedometer ?

Your pedometer has a standby mode automatically active if you don't use your product.
Nevertheless, you can turn off your product by doing first a reset (see previously) then do a long press (more than 5 second) once the counter is 0.

Accuracy and settings

I made a mistake in setting my size or the first use mode was not shown. how can i change my pedometer's settings ?

It is easy to change your pedometer settings. To do it, you need to follow the steps to turn off your pedometer (explain previously.).

Once your product is off, press the center button like you want to turn on your pedometer but continue to press the center button for 10 seconds even after the pedometer show you "0".

You will arrive to a unit setting screen :
-Choose your distance unit between "METER" and "MILES" following your preference.
-To validate, do a long press on the button (more than 5 second)
-You are now on a new screen asking you to choose between "AUTO" for automatic or "MANU" for the manual mode. This setting is used to set your stride length.
If you don't know your stride length, select "AUTO" and validate by doing a long press (more than 5 seconds).
-On the new screen, you can now select your size, by doing successive short press (less than 1 second), and validate by a long press (more than 5 seconds).
-Your pedometer is ready to use.

The distance of my pedometer seems to be wrong or imprecise, how is it possible ?

The OnWalk One pedometer integrates an algorithm which estimate your stride length depending on your size.
If despite our efforts, the distance seems to be imprecise, you can set your stride length manually.
To do so, you can check the previous question (How can I change my pedometer's settings ?) and select the ""MANU"" option to enter directly your stride length.

The step counting of my pedometer seems to be wrong or imprecise, how is it possible ?

The OnWalk One pedometer integrates a step count algorithm with an accuracy of 97%.
If you use your pedometer for another discipline than walking or fast walking (running, trek, etc.) it will not work properly.

Can i use my pedometer for running or trekking ?

Your pedometer has been made for the walking and fast walking. Step counting algorithm and distance algorithm are not intended to be used for running or walking in mountains. The values will be wrong.

What is the accuracy of my pedometer ?

The OnWalk One pedometer has an accuracy of 97% to count the number of steps and 93% on the counting distance.
Warning: The distance measure is linked to the setting of the stride length. A wrong setting of it can impact the accuracy and the distance calculated.

Other questions ?

I want to change the attachment position of my pedometer.

The OnWalk One pedometer can be fix in four different way (Two ways in the horizontal, two ways in the vertical). To change it, you need to:

1/Turn the back clip in the anti-clockwise direction.
2/Remove the clip,
3/Put the clip in the direction you want.
4/Turn the clip in the anti-clockwise direction to put in position
5/Lock the clip by turning in the clockwise direction.

I walk with my pedometer, but i can't see the step increasing on the screen.

Your pedometer start counting after 10 steps. Once this 10 steps are exceeding, the display start and the pedometer start counting your steps from 10. Below 10 steps, the pedometer does not take them in account. This behaviour avoids any parasite movements to have a better accuracy.

My pedometer automatically turns off.

To optimize the autonomy of you OnWalkOne, it will switch automatically in standby mode after 30 seconds if it does not detect any movement. It wakes up automatically once a movement is detected.

Cleaning and care

Please clean your product with water and soap.


Here you will find the troubleshooting sheet for the CW700 HR watch.
By following the steps in this sheet, you can check if there is a possible problem with your product. If necessary, you will find in the following section (8. I REPAIR) the tutorials indicated for the repair. You can also come to the workshops of your DECATHLON store.

Link to download the watch troubleshooting sheet (coming soon).

I repair my product

The following repairs can be carried out on this product:

Battery replacement

To replace the battery in your pedometer:

1/ Take a small tip (pencil tip type).
2/ Remove the clip by turning it anti-clockwise (counter-clockwise).
3/ Using the tip, remove the battery from its location.
4/ Insert the new battery.
5/ Reposition the clip.

Workshop service

You want to entrust us with your product for repair. Here is the list of services offered by our workshops:


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