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Designed for kids aged 2 to 4 who are super keen to ride their new scooter. 

The B1 is FUN & INTUITIVE thanks to its unique steering system, which is designed to aid learning, increase steering control, and support psychomotor development for kids aged 2 and up


PSYCHOMOTOR DEVELOPMENT AID: System that aids learning and psychomotor development for kids aged 2 and up

EASY LEARNING: From the age of 2, kids learn to propel themselves forwards and turn easily and intuitively.

EASY TO USE: Its wheelbase and precise wheel angle build confidence in kids aged 2 and up

MODULAR: Handlebar adjusts to 3 heights to suit a range of ages.



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What's so great about the b1?

Technical details and maintenance

How does the b1 scooter influence kids' psychomotor development?

Learning to balance, coordinating their hands, feet and eyes, and learning how their body relates to the space around them are all important parts of your child's psychomotor development. The B1 three-wheel scooter has been specially designed with the help of a physiotherapist to help kids aged 2 and up to gain all of these skills while having fun!

Safety rules to follow on the b1 scooter

We recommend wearing safety equipment when riding your scooter. This is particularly important for toddlers! Make sure to kit your child out with a helmet, and maybe even with knee and elbow pads as well, depending on their skill level.

Does the b1 help kids to glide easily?

The PU rubber wheels and ABEC 1 bearings offer a glide quality that is ideally suited to 2- to 4-year-olds: good, but limited. The aim is not to frighten the child by picking up speed too rapidly.

How much does the b1 weigh?

1.5 kg: kids can handle it easily, and adults can carry it without getting tired!

How to change the b1 scooter's cover

The B1 kids' scooter is easy to assemble thanks to the 5 quick-to-fit screws that attach the coloured cover to the frame. This cover is sold separately and is essential when using the scooter. It can be replaced as many times as you like - perfect for giving your scooter a new lease of life!

How to use the b1 scooter safely

We recommend checking the condition of your scooter before and after each use. Make sure there is no abnormal play, cracks, sharp edges, etc. The wheels and bearings are wear parts: check and change them if the need arises. Remember that you can visit your local Decathlon workshop to have your scooter repaired to extend its life.

Tip for carrying the b1 scooter

The handlebar can be removed in just 1 second and fixed underneath the deck using a rubber strap. This makes the B1 much more compact so you can carry it or store it at home or in your car.

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What is the maximum load for the b1 scooter?

20 kg.

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