Commute 900

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After-sales service sheet for the COMMUTE 900 scooter: here, you'll find the user guide, the spare parts, our care advice, and our tutorial videos for repairing your scooter.

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Technical details and maintenance

How to fold / unfold the scooter

Hands-free and in a single second! This is the EASYFOLD technology.The trick? Simply face your scooter, with the deck straight in front of you and press the pedal: and that's it! your TOWN 9 is folded in less time than it took to read these instructions.The handles are just as simple. Press the buttons to fold them. And unfold in a single second!

Are there particular safety recommendations that should be followed while riding the commute 900?

In general, you should wear protective equipment (helmet, knee pads, elbow pads) when using a scooter.Most serious accidents occur during the first few months of use: take time to learn the basics, like how to speed up and slow down in all emergency situations, no matter the weather conditions (especially on wet ground).

Is the oxelo commute 900 scooter adapted to long trips in town (from 2 to 5 km)?

Yes!A rubber grip on the deck and ultra-comfortable ergonomic handles with "palm rests" provide greater comfort by reducing vibrations from the road.The TOWN 9 adult scooter is also equipped with a bell for signalling your presence in town. Finally, its bowed handlebar makes it easy to control your trajectory.

Dual suspension for increased comfort

Like the previous model, the Town 9EF is equipped with a front suspension as well as a rear suspension and a curb shield for absorbing all bumps along the road.

What is trolley mode? 

Trolley mode lets you pull your scooter for easier, less cumbersome transportation. Just fold it and pull it behind you by its handlebar.

Storing your scooter

Indoors: This is the simplest solution, which involves finding a place (or making room), wherever you are: at home, the office or at a friend's house. Your scooter can be leaned against a wall, hidden behind a door or under a desk, or even stashed in a storage space (a box or cupboard), which is incredibly easy as your scooter is collapsible.

In a bag/cover: For owners of the collapsible model, it is very easy to store your scooter as it takes up half as much space in the folded position. In this case, you can keep your scooter at arm's length by folding and storing it in a bag or cover so that you can easily carry it wherever you go.

On a rack: Just like you ride on the pavement, take up less space in a unique style! You could fix your scooter to a dedicated storage rack on the floor, with the scooter held upright by its wheel, or up high using a wall mount, just like a bike one.

How to keep your scooter in good condition

Go easy on the brakes

Repeated use of your brakes leads to wear on the rear tyre, which may cause it to lose its circular shape and flatten in certain places. Avoid this problem by placing your foot on the ground to brake as often as possible. The rest of the time, gently press on the brake to slow down gradually while avoiding premature wear on your tyre.

Avoid riding through puddles and unpaved ground

If you ride through puddles, you will cause the bearings inside your wheels to wear out faster. Other possible damage includes loss of grip on the non-slip surface of your deck which could cause you to slip.The solution is simple: ride on dry, paved ground and avoid puddles, sand, and dirt as much as possible.

Clean is always better

Keeping your scooter clean is a very simple and efficient way to prolong its lifespan. Simply wipe the bearings and other parts that often get dirty (wheels, headset, non-slip surfaces) with a cloth. This easy method can help prevent accumulation of dust and the eventual problems dust can cause on your scooter.



Repair videos

Replacing the brake housing and cable

Replacing the headset

Replacing the kickstand

Replacing the front mudguard

Replacing the rear mudguard/brake

Replacing the Easy Handle system