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Discover off-road scootering with the Oxelo DIRT!


GLIDE PERFORMANCE: Wheels with inflatable tyres for all types of terrain.~ABEC 5 bearings.

DURABILITY: Three-channel reinforced aluminium deck. Chromoly steel fork and handlebar.

WHEELS: 8"" (diameter: 203mm) with off-road 60 PSI tyres.

DECK: Aluminium.~Width: 12.5cm / Length: 55cm.

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Technical details and maintenance

Storage instructions

Store in a dry place away from sunlight

How much does the mf dirt scooter weigh?

6.5kg to be exact.    

What is dirt?

  Heavier than a freestyle scooter and less manoeuvrable, a dirt scooter is designed for use on all terrains, from roads to grass and dirt, letting you break out of the skate park and access all areas. And there's no reason for you to stay at home when it's wet. With its specially adapted tyres, a dirt scooter can tear it up anywhere, whatever the weather.Like BMX bikes, dirt scooters can take dirt tracks in their stride.

What is the max user weight for this scooter?

The MF DIRT can handle a maximum load of 100kg. 

How to maintain your freestyle scooter

Freestyling on a scooter is an extreme sport (even for beginners). Our OXELO MF range was designed for this type of sport. But while they are durable, they are not indestructible.You should therefore restrict all movement in the steering column (tighten it if necessary) and watch out for parts starting to crack or break (replace the worn-out part if necessary) before, during, and after each use of this scooter.


Spare parts

Need a spare part? 

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