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Designed for beginners learning freestyle scootering. The MF1.8+ is a supercharged version of the MF1.8 to give you even more style and sturdiness!!!


GLIDE PERFORMANCE: 100 mm alu core wheels with ABEC 7 bearings.

DURABILITY: Double-thick alu fork, monoblock 6061 T6 alu T-bar, and HIC headset

LIGHT WEIGHT: Thanks to its aluminium parts, the MF1.8+ weighs just 3.8 kg!


DECK: The deck (flat) is made from anodised 6061 T6 aluminium. Its triple-channel structure with 4 reinforcement rails gives you better stability and a better slide on grinds.~Ergonomic design makes it easy to hold the deck while executing grabs.~Dimensions: 115 x 530 mm.

T-BAR (HANDLEBAR): Monoblock 6061 T6 aluminium T-bar (handlebar) with reinforcement plate. The advantage of aluminium is that it is lighter than steel.~Dimensions: Ø = 35.6 mm, H = 590 mm, W = 500 mm.~Total height: 860 mm

WHEELS: Oxelo 100 mm diameter, full alloy core wheels (solid wheels without spokes). The wheels are mounted on ABEC-7 bearings that last longer.

FORK: Fork made with reinforced T6 aluminium. Fork compatible with 100 or 110 mm diameter wheels (built-in spacing system.~The spacer is installed between two bearings to relieve the pressure exerted on these bearings).

COLLAR CLAMP: 4-bolt clamp made from 6061 T6 aluminium.

BRAKE: "Flex brake" designed to return to its original position after each use. The main difference from a spring brake: it limits vibrations".~This system also slows down the rate of wear of the rubber.

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Technical details and maintenance

What is the difference between a freestyle scooter and a "normal" scooter?

The differences between a freestyle scooter and a classic scooter are similar to the differences between a BMX bike and a city bike.A freestyle scooter has a wider handlebar and smaller (more manageable) wheels. Its weight is also different (it is lighter) and is overall easier to handle: if the goal is to execute tricks, the handlebar, for example, rotates in a complete circle.Finally, freestyle scooters are stiffer and more durable.

What is the max user weight for this scooter? 

The maximum weight for the MF1.8+ is 100 kg. 

How to choose the size of your freestyle scooter

To correctly choose the size of your freestyle scooter, you should stand on it and check that the handlebar is at your hips, your arms are outstretched, and your back is straight.

Why are there different sizes of wheels?

100, 110 or 120 mm? The greater the wheel's diameter, the more stability the rider has and the faster they can go...However, the trade-off is a heavier weight. A larger wheel will be heavier and harder to manipulate when executing tricks. You should therefore choose a wheel size that suits your goals.    

How to maintain your freestyle scooter

Freestyling on a scooter is an extreme sport (even for beginners). Our OXELO MF range was designed for this type of sport. But while they are durable, they are not indestructible. You should therefore restrict all movement in the steering column (tighten it if necessary) and watch out for parts starting to crack or break (replace the worn-out part if necessary) before, during, and after each use of this scooter.

Storage instructions

Store in a dry place away from sunlight

Spare parts

1.Collar clamp 

Get this part direct from our website or an in-store workshop using reference number 8285710

3. Wheel

Get this part direct from an in-store workshop using reference number 8227690

4. Flex brake

Get this part direct from our website or an in-store workshop using reference number 8285716

5. Freestyle scooter grip

Get this part direct from our website or an in-store workshop using reference number 8529518


Get this part direct from our website or an in-store workshop using reference number 8383917

8. Freestyle handles

Get this part direct from our website or an in-store workshop using reference number 8189015


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Yes! you can customise your scooter!

When riding freestyle, you become the artist through your tricks, but also through the customisation of your scooter. Style and performance: here are our customisation tips for becoming the king of your park…

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