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Designed for short distance urban trips and outings.​​​​ Compact scooter with large wheels, perfect for short distance trips and outings. Get around 3 times faster, and go 3 times further than by walking!



Two 175mm wide wheels in PU rubber.~ABEC 5 bearings.~Brake on rear wheel.

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Technical details and maintenance

And if it rains, aren't my trousers going to take the brunt of it?

Not quite, a rear mudguard provides protection from splashes in case of rain.

Safety rules to follow on the mid 7 scooter

Just like when on a skateboard or roller skates, we recommend wearing protective equipment (helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads) to safely ride the scooter.

Who is the mid 7 scooter designed for?

For all those measuring between around 1.45m and 1.85m Which is quite a large number of people!That's the MID 7 scooter's secret: height adjustable and well equipped, it is very versatile. Short urban trips, or family outings, this Decathlon scooter knows how to adapt to take you anywhere 3 times faster, on average, than by walking.  

How to care for your scooter

We recommend checking the condition of your scooter before and after each use and making sure there is no abnormal looseness, cracks, or sharp edges, and check all clamps. Remember that wheels and bearings are wear parts:also check and change them if the need arises.


Spare parts

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