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The MID9 is ideal for short urban trips and rides. Our team has created it for more comfort and more fun for young people. +FAST +DISTANCE and +COMFORT for teenagers from 9 to 14 years old! The MID9 has front suspension and big wheels. The detail: it has a brake on the handlebars, more comfortable for better speed control. Available in 5 colours.

Technical Information for Maintenance

Who is the mid 9 scooter intended for?

All those between approximately 1.45 m and 1.85 m tall. In other words... A lot of people! The MID 9 scooter is height-adjustable and equipped for city use (trips of up to 2 km). For longer distances, it is preferable to opt for a scooter from Oxelo's Town range, which can be used by adults weighing up to 100 kg.

Is the mid 9 suitable for city riding?

Yes, and three times as fast: on average, scooter travel is three times faster than on foot. The MID 9 is equipped for comfort on the move: front and rear mudguards to protect against splashes in rainy weather, handlebar brakes, suspension and large wheels (175 mm) for overcoming obstacles such as kerbs.

What are the scooter safety recommendations?

As a general rule, it is recommended to wear protective equipment (helmet, knee and elbow pads) when riding a scooter. Most serious accidents occur during the first few months of riding: take the time to learn the basics of riding so that you can control your speed and braking in an emergency and in all weather conditions (especially on wet ground).

How should the scooter be cared for?

We recommend checking the condition of the scooter before and after each ride, check that there is no play between components, no cracks or sharp edges, and also check the fittings. Remember that wheels and bearings are wearing parts: check their condition regularly and replace them if necessary.