Padded ski jacket: instructions, repairs

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Whether you wear it as a jacket or jacket liner, the padded jacket is a key part of your ski outfit.
Combining warmth, lightweight and technicality, it requires some special care so follow the guide and we’ll explain everything!

What are the benefits of the feather?

Since its launch in the ski clothing market, the padded jacket has won the heart of skiers and snowboarders but its price can vary from single to double, or even triple. But do you know why? Do you really know what your padded jacket is made from?

What are the differences between feather and down?

At Wedze, our jackets are designed in either feather or down. What are their differences?
Feathers cover a bird's body and is made up of a stalk covered in down. It's heavier than down but less expensive.

Down is made up off all the small feathers that cover a bird’s stomach. As it's only 10% of a bird’s plumage, it’s rarer and therefore more expensive. With better insulation, it provides maximum warmth for minimum weight.

Padded ski jacket: instructions, repairs: instructions, repairs
What are the differences between feather and wadding?

Unlike feather, wadding is an insulating synthetic made from recycled polyester.

Its benefits are that it’s less expensive, easy care and has a high warmth input.

What are the benefits of wadding?
What is the traceability of our feathers?

The condition of animals is a major issue for Decathlon and Wedze.
That's why we select and check thoroughly all our feather suppliers.

To do this we rely on RDS certification, a global standard, issued by an independent body to volunteer brands. It was developed over 3 years on the initiative of Textile Exchange:
- a commercial non-profit organisation
- with the contribution of industry experts, animal rights defence groups, brands and distributors.

What are the benefits of the feather?
Padded ski jacket: instructions, repairs

How to look after my padded ski jacket?

How to wash my padded ski jacket?

Washing a ski jacket, particularly a padded jacket, cleans away stains or usage marks, disguises bad odours but also and above all, boosts the technical properties of its components. Nevertheless, it's important not to clean your padded jacket too often.

How to repair my padded ski jacket?

A bad fall, a poorly fastened pair of skis on the shoulder or a moment of carelessness and your padded jacket can quickly get snagged. Don't throw it away, repair it!

Padded ski jacket: instructions, repairs
How to repair my padded ski jacket?

Sew up a snag.

For a discreet and delicate repair, it’s possible to sew up a hole with thread the same colour as your padded jacket.
However, be careful not to pierce the inside of your padded jacket as that could cause a thermal bridge and would reduce its performance.

How to repair my padded ski jacket?

Glue a snag.

If needle and thread is not your strength then there is a simpler, quicker but more visible solution: use an adhesive patch. Pre-cut or on a roll, it will hide and cover over all your snags.

Our advice: go for round patches as angular shapes can get caught and loosen over time.

Padded ski jacket: instructions, repairs

2 year warranty, we take care of everything.

Do you prefer to bring your damaged padded jacket to us in store? The 2 year warranty means you can bring your padded jacket to us and it will be repaired free of charge in your store’s workshop.

Has the warranty expired but you still want to get your padded jacket repaired? It's entirely possible. You’ll receive a price based on the repair work required.

Padded ski jacket: instructions, repairs

How to store my padded jacket?

Store it away from moisture and without compressing it, the small bag is only for storing it in a backpack during activity 😉
We recommend you don't pack it as it might be difficult to get back to its original shape.

Cleaning and repairing your trek down jacket

Cleaning and repairing your trek padded and down jacket

We firmly believe that the life cycle of a product doesn’t end once it’s damaged. This is why we offer solutions for properly using, maintaining and repairing your product, in order to extend its lifespan.