Personal coach

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PERSONAL COACH - Watch and sensor



What type of racket is compatible with the Personal Coach Pod?
How can I make sure my Pod is properly attached to my racket?
How can I check the battery level of my Personal Coach Pod?
How do you attach the Personal Coach Pod to a racket?
What should I do if my watch doesn't detect my Pod?


Can the Pod distinguish between a serve and a smash or high volley?
Does the string influence the measurement of my serve speed?
How precise is the Personal Coach Pod?
Where can I get new straps from?
How many sessions can I record in statistics mode?
Can I delete a session recorded in statistics mode?
Does the pod record a shot if I hit a ball back to my opponent between two rallies?
What do the different shot pictograms mean?
Can I go back to a session I've already left?
Are there shots/movements that are not recorded by the Personal Coach ?
What should I do if my watch doesn't detect my Pod?
How do I pair my Personal Coach watch to my Personal Coach Pod?
Does the Pod record a shot if I pick up a ball with my racket?
Does the Pod record a shot if I touch the net or windbreaks?
Does using the Personal Coach Pod impact my game?
Does the Pod alter the balance point of my racket and How much does the Personal Coach Pod weigh?
Is the Personal Coach Pod waterproof?
How do you recharge the Personal Coach Pod battery?
What do the flashing lights mean?
How do you turn the Personal Coach Pod on/off?
What is the maximum range between the watch and the pod?
Why is the watch not showing my shots?
Is the watch waterproof?
How long will the TW Personal Coach watch battery last?
What does the TW Personal Coach watch display when used with a Personal Coach Pod?
What are the different modes of the TW Personal Coach watch?