PF TROLLEY XL: user guide, repair

Ref: 8759554



Do you have a PF TROLLEY XL? Find out about all our after-sales service solutions for repairing, maintaining and prolonging the lifespan of your product.

In this datasheet, you'll find the installation and spare parts compatible with your product.

Video showing installation and use of the PF TROLLEY XL

In this video, find out how to install your fishing trolley to make it easier to move your fishing tackle.

The video shows you how to install your trolley and also how to arrange the space to accommodate your entire fishing tackle. Getting everything loaded in becomes an easy task.

Spare parts compatible with PF TROLLEY XL trolley

Have you noticed that your trolley isn't working as well as it used to, or that a part has worn out? We can provide you with all the spare parts compatible with your PF Trolley XL to repair your product.