It's a fact that human activity has an impact on the planet. Becoming aware of the limits of natural resources, the consequences of climate change, freshwater and marine water eutrophication and even emissions of particulate matter is already a step that many of us have already taken.But we are taking a second step. 

A step in what direction? Towards the preservation of the playground that nature provides us with, for example.

That's why DECATHLON undertakes new projects every day in the areas where it is possible for the company to make a big difference: design, manufacturing, transport and distribution. Another path we have decided to go down at PONGORI, is to integrate the sustainable development strategy to each of our projects. The first projects are underway. It is still too early to measure them all, but we are nevertheless listing them to provide you with a report on their progress.


Reducing the carbon footprint

For starters, we've put a stop to resorting to air freight for regular supply to all countries. We no longer do it. 

Yes, it is a small step in the overall product footprint, but a step nonetheless. Why is it only “a small step”? In essence, a product's environmental impact is linked to its production and not to its freight transport. And we are making progress in this area as well. How? An example: our durable bats. Their new design helps to ensure their solidity, while reducing the amount of raw materials used. Their carbon production cost has decreased by nearly 30% (1.071 kg CO2 to 0.777 kg CO2).

Other design projects are ongoing: we are currently seeking to optimise the composition of the resin used in tabletops and to replace the galvanisation process of the metal structure. Galvanisation is a corrosion-resistant treatment that consists of immersing steel in a bath of zinc to prevent it from rusting. These are difficult projects because, it is still out of the question to reduce the solidity and durability of our products.Watch this space… 

And sometimes, the exercise simply consists of offering alternatives. Here's an example. The Small tables. 2 models are available: the PPT 100 small (5.58 kg CO2) and PPT 130 small (25.3 kg CO2). And you might be wondering why keep the PPT 130 S in our range with such a difference? Well, under the same maintenance and storage conditions, the PPT 130's lifespan will be 5 times longer than the PPT 100. And although it is still difficult to provide elements of comparison, this CO2 cost is low given the product type. It's subsequently up to the buyer to choose based on the use they intend to make of it.

10-year warranty

Durability is the key to reducing the environmental impact. 

In actual fact, there are a multitude of ways to reduce our impactOne of the solutions we have chosen is to make our products more sustainable over time. Where's the proof?All our outdoor tables and bats come with a 10-year warranty. The goal is obviously not to replace the whole gamut of tables sold within this timespan, but to ensure you can use the same product for at least 10 years, in the best playing conditions, without feeling like replacing it. 

And 10 years, is a minimum...

Do you need to repair a table? do it yourself! 

So what is the best way to limit a table's impact? To make it last, of course! And to do this, in addition to product's initial durability, no points for guessing, you need tips on how to maintain it, and if necessary, how to repair it. And this is when aftersales comes in. 

Repair it yourself, order the lost or broken parts… you'll find all you need. Anything else? In a few months, just imagine a broken tabletop that no longer justifies purchasing a new table. You can simply order a new one to pick up the match where you left it!

How can you further reduce the environmental impact?

By accepting to no longer own everything! ~Just to be clear: a table tennis hire service is now available! It is currently being tested in and around Lille, in France. The perfect solution if you only play during summer or you want to reassure yourself before making the purchase. Do you live in the area? This way, please!

The 4 r: reduce, reuse, repair, recycle. 

We are making progress by adhering to the 4 R rules. We are saying one step at a time … because, yes, other solutions intended to preserve our beautiful playground are still on their way. 

We’ll keep you up to date!