Rappel produit : Kiprun GPS 500 et 550

Ref: 8527651, 8527652, 8527648, 8527647

Product Recall : Kiprun GPS 500 et 550

The Kiprun GPS 500 and 550 are subject to a product recall, see this page to find out more.

Product Recall

As part of our quality processes, Kiprun's teams have identified a potential risk: the battery is likely to overheat and may cause burns and/or a possible outbreak of fire during charging and/or in use.

We don't want to take any risks when it comes to the safety of our users and we have decided to recall all of our products.

As a precaution, we invite you to return your product to the nearest store for a refund.

Our customer relations center is available to answer all your questions on this subject. For the return of the product, please see with your shop.

Thank you for your understanding and please accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused.


I am concerned and would like additional information.
But concretely what should I do with my product?
I would like to fix it myself.
How do I know if I am affected?
I don't have the product receipt?
Can I have a replacement product?
Do I have to make an appointment to make the return?
If my product is no longer under warranty (more than 2 years), is the product concerned?
I no longer have the product packaging, is this a problem?
Is the risk significant?
I had an accident !
What if I have to run a race with the product?
Can you explain to me the risks if I continue to use it?
I am on vacation or I need this product for a competition.
While waiting to bring the product back, should I do anything?
I don't want to lose the data related to my practice and the outings already carried out, what should I do?
My watch is being repaired in the workshop, what should I do?