Punching bag mount

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Designed for hanging a punching bag (up to 65 kg) from a wall.
(mounting screws not supplied)

This wall bracket is perfect for hanging a punching bag to train for boxing, Muay Thai, kickboxing, full contact, karate or taekwondo. Mounting screws not supplied

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  • STEPPER MS 100


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Do not mount on non-load-bearing walls, such as "plaster partition walls."
Mounting screws not supplied.
Contact a hardware store for advice on choosing the proper mounting hardware for your wall.
Regularly check that all screws are well tightened on your product.
Choose your hardware based on your wall.


Maximum weight: 65 kg.


Do not store outdoors as a damp environment can damage the product.

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Can you mount the wall bracket on a plaster partition wall?

No, you cannot mount the wall bracket on a plaster partition wall.
Instead, you should opt for the ceiling mount.

Another option is our bag stand.

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What type of screws should be used to hang the wall bracket?

Contact your local hardware store for advice on choosing the proper screws for your wall.

How far apart are the upper and lower screws spaced?

The upper and lower screws are spaced 35 cm apart.

What is the diameter of the screw holes?

The screw holes have a diameter of 0.8 cm.

How far is the hook from the wall when mounted? 

The hook is 60 cm from the wall.

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Missing part

1 - Please check the packaging carefully to make sure no parts were left inside.

2 - If a part is missing, please contact your nearest store.

3 - Open a request with out technical support team 

Wall bracket
You experienced a problem using the product

If you have a problem while using your equipment, carefully read the instructions and our checklist above.
Please contact your nearest store if the issue persists.

Wall bracket

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Our tutorials for repairing your wall bracket

wall bracket
Changing the hook 1. You will need a size 15 spanner or socket wrench
2.  Loosen the upper nut
3. Put the new hook on
4. Tighten until it no longer moves.

Good to know


Base 100% Polyethylene  
Pocket 70% Polyvinyl Chloride, 30% Polyester
Additional Parts 100% Thermoplastic Elastomer

Weight and dimensions

The punching bag wall bracket is:

40 cm wide
44.3 cm tall
60.5 cm deep

Weight: ... kg

Wall bracket

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Our commitments

Outshock offers a two-year warranty on the punching bag wall bracket, starting from the date of purchase (the date shown on the till receipt).

Wall bracket


Outshock guarantees this product for two years (parts and labour).

Outshock guarantees your product under normal usage conditions for 2 years for parts and labour, from the date of purchase as shown on the receipt.
OUTSHOCK'S obligation under this warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of the product, at OUTSHOCK'S discretion.
This warranty does not apply in the case of:
        * Damage caused during transport.
        * Incorrect assembly.
        * Repairs performed by technicians not certified by OUTSHOCK.
        * Lack of maintenance.
        * Improper or abnormal use.
        * Storage outdoors or in a damp place.
        * Damage caused by a third party.
        * Use other than private use.
This commercial warranty does not exclude the legal warranty applicable in the country of purchase.