RACK 100

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RACK 100

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Designed for weight training: occasional, at home, up to twice a week. This height- and width-adjustable rack adapts to fit every user. Work your upper body (bench press) and store your discs and bar. Perfect for using with the Weights Bench 100.


ADJUSTABLE: 10 height settings from 75 to 120 cm; width adjustable by separating the side supports.

STABILITY: H-shaped feet (40 mm tube) that can be anchored to the floor. Non-slip end caps.

EASY ASSEMBLY: Assembly time: 20 minutes.

COMPACT DESIGN: Store the bar and discs on the rack.

VERSATILITY: Adapts to bars from 120 cm.

DURABILITY: Bar catchers with anti-tipping hooks.


Parts diagram:

RACK 100


RACK 100


RACK 100