RACK 900

REF: 8491828

RACK 900


Year of sale: 2019

Our design team created this rack for weight training with bar weights, dumbbells and guided weights.


Durability: Tested with weights up to 200 kg. Load: 150 kg

Versatility: Do a range of free weight, guided weight or bodyweight exercises

Flexibility: Bar holders can be repositioned based on your exercises.

Anatomic design: Bar holder placement can be adjusted from 55 cm to 180 cm in 5 cm increments.

Compatibility: Can be used with the Bench 900. Weight diameter adapter between 28 mm to 50 mm

Assembling your product

Thank you for choosing a Domyos product and for placing your trust in us. To help you when first assembling your equipment, click on the video that will guide you through each step of the assembly.

RACK 900 assembly video

There seems to be an issue

Have you set up equipment properly but you're having trouble when using it? See all our FAQ here.

The cable is twisted or does not run smoothly

The cable was poorly fitted during assembly:

=>Check that the cable is properly positioned by reading the user guide.

RACK 900 Split Screen
Your equipment is making a noise

1. The screws are loose:

=> Tighten all visible screws.

The weights are hard to pull

Assembly problem:

=> Check that the pulleys are not too tight.

=> Check that the cables have not come off the pulley groove

=> Check that the cables were properly assembled by reading the user guide.

RACK 900

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Servicing your product

It takes care of you, so it's only fair that you do the same! Regular maintenance is important to keep your equipment running smoothly and extend its life span. Read on to see all our maintenance tips.

Maintenance tips

1. After assembling the product and before each use, check that the fasteners are tight and do not protrude.

2. Use a towel when exercising and clean your equipment with a soft, slightly damp cloth after each use.

Storage tips

Do not leave in a damp place. Do not store outdoors.





Use restrictions

For home use only. Maximum user weight 150 kg.





User guide

  • RACK 900

    Need the product user guide? Click Download.





30% - Steel

70% - Polypropylene


100% - Butadiene rubber (BR)

RACK 900

Our commitments

Domyos guarantees your product under normal use conditions for 5 years, for the structure, and 2 years, for other parts and labour, from the date of purchase, as shown on the receipt.