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This wheelchair is conceived to practice racket sports: tennis, padel, table tennis and badminton. If you have any questions concerning how to adjust it, maintain it, repair it and all the spare parts available, you can find everything in this short guide.

First Usage

Find out the preliminary actions to set up your wheelchair correctly.

The first step is to check that the traction wheels are properly locked in place before using the wheelchair, the button should be released.

The Racket sports wheelchair TW500 is shipped with the default setup but it adjusts to multiple users’ needs. Here you can find the how-to guide to help you through all the possible adjustments to set up the wheelchair to the best of your needs.

Padel adjustment

The TW500 racket sports wheelchair is equipped with front wheels protections that can be added during padel games to protect the glass walls.

Adjusting seat depth

The seat is composed of three separate sections allowing a good adjustment.
Possible measures: 34, 36, 38, 40, 42 cm.


Adjusting the length of the seat frame

The seat frame can be adjusted from 34 cm to 42 with 1 cm steps to fit the wheelchair cushion. 

Racket sport wheelchair - Adjusting the lenght of the frame

Adjusting imbalances or axle/backrest distance

The imbalance represents the horizontal distance from the backrest to the axle of the drive wheels, it can be adjusted from 6 to 21 cm with 1 cm steps to find the correct set-up.


Adjusting the seat height in relation to the ground: front-aft seat

The back and the front-aft seat height can be adjusted in relation to the ground
The front can range between 40 to 54 cm with 1 cm steps. 


Adjusting the seat height in relation to the ground: rear seat

The back and the front-aft seat height can be adjusted in relation to the ground:
The rear can range between 34 to 53 cm with 1 cm steps. 


Adjusting the position of the footrest

The height, depth and incline of the footrest can be adjusted according to needs.

RACKET SPORTS WHEELCHAIR - adjusting the footrest

Adjusting the anti-tilt wheel

The position of anti-tilt wheel can be adjusted in its depths and height. See the user manual for step by step guide. 

Adjusting the height of the backrest without or with the extension cords

The backrest can be adjusted between 25 and 39 cm with a 1 cm step. If necessary you can use the extension set provided.

RACKET SPORTS WHEELCHAIR - Adjusting back rest height

Adjusting the height of the clothing protection rims

The position of the protection rims can be adjusted to secure the most comfortable position. This adjustment must be performed before adjusting the backrest incline.

Adjusting the backrest incline

Before adjusting the backrest incline it is necessary to adjust the height of the protection rim.

Adjusting the tautness of the backrest canvas

The backrest canvas tautness can be adjusted by loosening the straps and pulling them to the desired tension with the user in playing position.

Have a problem?

I need to change the tyre or the air chamber of my wheelchair

(unluckily) you found a hole in your tyre or after the routine checks, you found out that your tyres are worn out and you need to replace one or both of them? Don’t worry, here’s a tutorial on how to change your wheelchair tyres:
1. Deflate the tyre
2. Insert a lever between the circle and the shoulder of the tyre, so that when the lever is tilted, the side of the wheel comes out
3. Install another lever 2 cm from the previous point and repeat the operation
4. Slide the two levers around the whole circle to release the entire tyre
5. Remove the air chamber, starting with the side opposite the inflation valve
6. Once the air chamber has been removed, you can easily remove the tyre to replace just one or both.

Aaand you completed the first step now we need to put everything back in place: here’s a tutorial on how to re-assemble the air chamber and tyre:

1. Insert the air chamber inflation valve into the hole intended for this purpose, located on the circle.
2. Around the whole circle, install the tyre,
3. Install the opposite shoulder over the tyre, starting from the point where the valve is, moving around in both directions.
4. Insert the final part of the shoulder with the help of the levers intended for this
5. Inflate the tyre to the pressure indicated on its side.

I need to set up the pelvic strap

No problem! The rim of the TW500 racket sports wheelchair is composed of two elements, including one with slots for potentially attaching a pelvic belt.

How to set uo the pelvic belt on your wheelchair
I need to replace the castors

No problem, in the TW500 racket sports wheelchair can you can easily replace the castor by yourself by removing 3 screws. After that, you can pull off the inner axle and your castor is ready to go! Further step by step instructions are provided in the user manual.

The wheel axel is too long or too short

If, once the wheel is in place into the frame, the axle button isn't completely released, it might be necessary to extend the usable length of the axle by partially unscrewing the nut on the tip of the axel.
The opposite situation can happen as well: once the wheel is in position there’s some kind of interference between the frame and wheel, you need to reduce the usable length of the axel using the nut on the tip of the axel.

Adjustable tennis wheelchair
I need to adjust or change the hand grip

The hand grip can be installed into three different positions to adjust the distance from the wheel hoop. To access the hand grip attachment screws, first, you need to remove its cover, the air chamber and the protection flap. To remove the hand grip from the wheel, you need to completely remove all six attachment screws. Once the hand grip has been removed, you can reattach it by selecting one of the three possible positions on the attachment tabs or installing a new one. Step by step instructions are provided in the user manual. 


General Maintenance

Weekly maintenance
Every week you should perform a couple of basic checks to assure and dilate the lifespan of your wheelchair:
Check the tyre pressure: tyres should be inflated to the pressure indicated on their side.
Clean and oil the quick-release device of the wheels regularly to make sure it won’t jam once you need it.

Tri-monthly maintenance
Once every now and then you should perform a more accurate check on your wheelchair:
Check the wear of the tire, the effectiveness of the front-back bearings and the rotation of the forks.
Lubricate moving parts, like wheels and pull pins, using silicone oil as a lubricant.

General maintenance
Store your wheelchair in a clean and dry place to avoid rusting and corrosion, especially if you store it for a long period.

To properly clean your wheelchair we advise removing the seat and backrest canvas before starting the operations.

Wash the wheelchair with a damp cloth, using warm water and neutral soap to remove dirt or stains and then rinse it with a damp cloth to remove any traces of the detergent. Make sure the wheelchair is completely dry before you store it.

Spare parts and compatible accessories

Need to change one of the parts on your racket sports wheelchair?
Here you can find all the available spare parts to repair your wheelchair and the compatible accessories.

User guide

Here you can download the user guide of the TW500 racket sports wheelchair with all the information and detailed instructions for everything you might need. We recommend always reading it through.