RIVERSIDE 100 2018

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RIVERSIDE 100 2018


A hybrid bike designed for rides of up to 15 km in city parks and on cycle trails.

Are you looking for a simple, accessible hybrid bike for weekend rides? The Riverside 100 is the first bike that lets you switch from road to trail in the blink of an eye.

First use

How to fit your riverside with a pannier rack
How to remove your front wheel (e.g. for putting your bike in your car)
How to adjust the height of your saddle

Why? Because having your saddle at the right height means you can pedal with no pain.

How to fit your riverside with a mudguard
How to fit your riverside with a stand
Going on your first bike tour



Here are our tips:



Wear a modern, approved helmet. One in two falls involves a head injury!!

REMEMBER: Helmets have a limited lifespan, even if they haven't suffered an impact! Check this when buying!


-Set off with your bike correctly set up and in good working order

-Take a (charged!) mobile phone with you so you can contact someone in an emergency.

-Plan your itinerary before setting off and prioritise cycle paths and car-free routes.

-Take a first aid kit (in a saddle bag, for example)

-If you're riding at night, take front and rear lights




-If you're a novice rider: Gradually increase the lengths of your rides, starting with an hour-long ride

-Wear the right clothing for the length of your ride, and wear gloves.

-Don't force your pedalling. Use your gears to let your feet spin: you'll go further for longer

-Take a warm or waterproof jacket depending on the weather

-Remember to stretch after your ride





-A pump. Some models can be fixed to the bottle cage screws on your frame

-3 tyre levers, an inner tube, a 15mm Riverside 100 spanner: that you can put in your saddle bag. 

Learn to repair your bike!! Watch this video.




- Make sure your bike has a bottle cage so you can drink while riding, or take a bottle of water in a backpack.

- Remember to regularly drink water (every 20 minutes and at least 500 ml per hour)! 




-Take energy bars (you can carry them in a frame or handlebar bag)

-Don't wait until you're hungry to eat. Eat every hour to fuel your muscles.

What is the right tyre pressure?

Why? For a comfortable ride and to avoid getting punctures too easily.

Here's the recommended pressure depending on the bike's load (weight of the user + luggage):

45 and 65 kg: 3 bars

65 and 80 kg: 4 bars

80 and 100 kg: 5 bars

What bike maintenance do you need to do?



For the Riverside 100 and 120, regularly check for wear on the brake pads. When the notched area becomes less visible or disappears: your brakes need changing!


Every week Pump up your tyres


Every 100 km: Clean your chain and lubricate the drivetrain


Every 2000 km: Get your brake pads changed (or change them yourself!)


Every 2000 km: Get your brake pads changed (Riverside 900). Visit your local Decathlon workshop


Every 2000 km: Get your tyres changed (or change them yourself!!)


Every 5000 km: Get the chain and cassette replaced. Visit your nearest Decathlon workshop

How to clean and store your riverside

For cleaning your Riverside!

Don't use a pressure washer as water could get into the bearings!

Clean your bike using a hose and sponge (there's a cleaning kit available from Decathlon)

Dry your bike with a cloth

Lubricate the chain with a suitable lubricant


For storing your Riverside (lengthy storage)


Store your bike in a dry, sheltered place

Clean your bike to remove mud and sand, which could cause it to rust.

Lubricate the chain. Spray your entire bike with "ALL IN ONE" to protect it from rust

Put the derailleur on the small cog

Which child seat should you choose for your riverside?

Your bike is compatible with the GROOVY child seat available in Decathlon stores.


PLEASE NOTE: Child seats that are mounted using a nut (such as HAMAX) are not compatible with size S models

RIVERSIDE 100 2018

User guide and software

RIVERSIDE 100 2018

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