Riverside Touring 920

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Saddle: adjusting to the correct height

Make sure you adjust the saddle height correctly before going out for your first ride.

Our advice: raise the saddle to your hip height and fasten the seat clamp collar with a size 5 Allen key (found on all multi-tools). If you want a more precise adjustment, you should be able to rest your foot on the pedal with your leg straight, then all you need to do is set off and ride ;)

Tyres: how to inflate them correctly

The recommended pressure is 2.2 bar. For increased comfort, reduce the pressure to 1.7 bar. If riding on paved roads, you can go up to 4 bar.

The Riverside Touring 920 is equipped with Tubeless Ready rims and comes with special valves.

Remember to inflate your tyres every 2 weeks.

Stand: choosing the right one

Below you'll find the link to the centrally mounted 500 bike stand recommended for the Riverside Touring 920.

Dynamo: using it correctly

Cycle2Charge USB charger for bikes - charge mobile phones using a bike dynamo

Using a smartphone or GPS device on cycling trips has become the norm. Few cyclists will pass up the opportunity to make use of them. But what happens when the battery runs out and you still have some distance to go? This can quickly become frustrating. Particularly when you're in unfamiliar territory and can't make use of your GPS. But this is a simple problem to solve: charge your mobile phone using your bike's dynamo, and you're all set! Use the Cycle2Charge, an extremely compact and powerful USB charger. This small device allows you to charge your smartphone and many other devices using the energy generated by the bike's dynamo hub.

The bike charger with USB connection: for many different devices

Cycle2Charge is a USB bike charger which can be used to charge the batteries of Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone devices, as well as many types of mobile GPS devices. The USB bike charger can also be used to easily charge battery packs and other energy storage devices with a USB port. The bike USB charger is easy to install on the bike, even for those not used to DIY. It requires no additional equipment, and uses electricity generated by the dynamo on the wheel hub to charge any devices connected by USB. It can be mounted on any Ahead headset available in store. Simply replace the existing cap with the Cycle2Charge and you'll be able to charge your mobile phone after connecting it using the supplied cables.

High-output USB bike charger

Cycle2Charge is a USB bike charger with particularly high effectiveness. As a result, the device is perfectly suited for frequent and pleasure riders. At a speed of 12 km/h, the dynamo USB charger provides an output of 500 mA. The maximum 1000 mA current is achieved at a speed of 21 km/h. If you charge your mobile phone with the Cycle2Charge using a bike dynamo, the device delivers a stable USB charge of 5 volts and can be used universally thanks to the standard USB socket. We recommend using an external battery pack for certain devices, as they do not use the maximum current of the Cycle2Charge USB charger. These devices include iPhones and some modern Android devices. The device is very safe, equipped with a mechanism to protect against power surges. All devices are therefore protected against surges and any subsequent damage, even when descending at speed.

Stable and corrosion-resistant coating

If you want to charge your mobile phone using the bike dynamo, there are other reasons you might choose the Cycle2Charge USB charger. The inside of the device is made from anodised aluminium, while the outer coating is made from impact-resistant plastic. All the materials are corrosion-resistant and therefore ideal for long-term outdoor use. The multiple sections give the device greater stability. The Cycle2Charge USB charger is easy to install even for complete beginners, and can also be attached directly to the bike handlebar using the optional holder. You can easily use the USB charger single-handed even when wearing gloves, making for a safer ride.

RT920 USB charger
Handlebar: positioning the charger
RT920 handlebar
Bottle cage: attaching them and where to put them

You can mount up to 7 bottle cages on the Riverside Touring 920



Riverside RT920 bottle cages
Maintenance pouch

Your new Riverside Touring 920 comes with a pouch that contains:

- A travel booklet
- 2 spokes
- 1 derailleur hanger
- 2 Tubeless Ready valves
- frame protective stickers

Photo of the kit

Care, maintenance, and spare parts

When and where to order spare parts

You'll find most of the spare parts you need on our website with the exception of the crank, rear derailleur, and brake levers.

When you visit the store, the workshop technician can tell you about the availability and delivery times for any parts not available on the Decathlon website. If you order through our online store, the delivery time is usually 2 to 5 working days depending on availability.

Delivery is available Monday to Friday, subject to certain conditions:

- delivery within a half-day timeslot, - delivery to your doorstep (or the entrance hall in your building)- delivery by courier (you may be asked to help with unloading the package)- the courier will contact you to agree on a delivery date, but will not be able to provide an exact time.

Cleaning you riverside touring 920

Avoid using high-pressure cleaners when cleaning your Riverside Touring 920, as water may get into the bearings and cable housings!

Wash your bike with a hose and a sponge (cleaning kits are available at Decathlon).

Use a cloth to dry your bike

Lubricate the chain with a suitable lubricant 

NOTE: If you use the bike in salty conditions remember to completely rinse the bike as soon as possible afterwards

Correctly storing your riverside touring 920

> Store your bike in a place that is cool and sheltered.

> Before you put it away, clean your bike to remove mud or sand that could corrode your bike.

> Lubricate the chain: spray the lubricant onto the entire chain to protect it against rust

> Put the derailleur onto the smallest cog

How to switch your wheels to tubeless

To reduce the risk of your inner tube being punctured or pinched, you may want to consider switching the wheels on your Riverside to Tubeless.

For this you will need to purchase:

- Puncture prevention liquid (tyre sealant):



HOW TO:1. Remove the wheel. 2. Remove the tyre and inner tube from the rim. 3. Insert a TUBELESS READY valve through the rim hole from inside the rim. 4. Apply the tyre sealant (puncture prevention liquid). 5. Mount your new TUBELESS READY tyre (the Riverside Touring 920 comes with Tubeless Ready tyres). 6. Inflate up to 4 or 5 bar so your tyre "presses firmly". up against the rim; then deflate to the recommended pressure.

If it seems too tricky, just visit your nearest Decathlon workshop and ask them to do it for you.

How does the usb port work

The rotating external cap protects the port against dirt and water

Converts the energy from the hub dynamo to USB 5V power

Max current: 1000mA

Universal use thanks to the standard USB

For Android, iPhone, Windows, GPS

Particularly suitable for cyclists due to its much higher efficiency• 500 mA at 12 km/h depending on USB specification• Max charge current of 1000 mA at 21 km/h

Also suitable for charging battery packs (Powerbanks, etc.)

Surge protection for rapid descents

The multi-section design ensures stability and maximum resistance to corrosion

Stable anodised aluminium interior

Corrosion- and impact-resistant plastic outer cover

Bedding in your brakes

When you first purchase your bike, the brake pads and discs are brand new and therefore the initial braking performance is very low (weak).

A sharp prolonged braking action (for example, during a descent) with brakes that have never before been used can cause the pads to overheat and to "freeze up".

To ensure that your brakes perform, we recommend you bed them in.Bedding in takes 10 braking cycles per brake. For each braking action: apply a single brake to slow the bike down from about 25 km/h to 5 km/h without fully blocking the wheel. Repeat with the other brake.

Your wheel is buckling after several rides

When you take your new bike out for a ride for the first time, a lot of parts can shift and fall into place.

You'll hear the spokes on your wheels creak because of the residual torsion in them.

Your wheels should not buckle or be twisted in any way. If this does happen, use the free check-up available to you within six months of purchase and call in at one of our Decathlon workshops to have your wheel repaired free of charge.

Your gears are not shifting properly

There could be several reasons why your gears (cogs) are not shifting correctly.

1- Check the position of the cable housing caps.Incorrectly positioned cable housing caps can hinder the pulling action on the derailleur cable and cause the shifting of the gears to be off. If a housing end is out of position, push it back into place.

2. The cables or the housing could be locked up.If the chain isn't shifting down to the smallest cogs, and the rear derailleur doesn't move when activating the shifters, then the cable and/or the cable housing is almost certainly locked up. In this case, the cable and housing need to be replaced.

3. Take your mountain bike to a Decathlon workshop to have the derailleur adjusted.

4. You should also check that the derailleur dropout is not twisted. If it is, check the section "YOUR DERAILLEUR DROPOUT IS BROKEN".  

NB: If you regularly ride your Riverside in wet or muddy conditions, or if you regularly wash your bike with lots of water, then your cables and cable housing will need to be replaced more frequently. Washing your bike using a high pressure hose is highly discouraged as it can push dirt and dust into the cable housing.

Your derailleur hanger is bent

A bent hanger causes the derailleur to be out of alignment and therefore unable to function correctly.

Stand behind your bike and check the alignment of the derailleur.

If the dropout is twisted or broken, take your bike to a Decathlon workshop to have it replaced. A replacement derailleur dropout is supplied when purchasing your Riverside.


Missing derailleur dropout photo and link

Replacing the chain

To do this, you will need: a chain tool, a new chain, and a quick-link.

Put the chain on the cog and on the smallest chainring. 

Remove the quick-release link using the quick-release chain tool and then remove the chain from the drive train.

Put the new chain on the last of the cogs and on the smallest chainring. This makes it easier to determine its optimal length.

Pull the chain down, pass it under the upper pulley of the derailleur.

Once you've defined the correct length, use the chain tool to cut the chain.

Lastly, install the quick-link onto the chain, turn the pedal so as to position the quick-link on the upper part of the chain, and use your hand to apply pressure and ensure it is firmly locked in place.

Missing Decathlon website link to chain

Your battery won't charge

1- Make sure the terminal is plugged in correctly

2- Check if the wires are in contact and that neither is broken or cut

3- Make sure the wire is fully plugged into the cover on the stem


Missing photo or pdf


Technical information

Sram x1 1000 crankset

Follow the link for the complete user guide for the SRAM X1 1000 crankset

SRAM X1 crankset
Hydro r disk brake

Follow the link for the complete user guide for the Hydro R disk brake

Technical information
Sram rival rear derailleur and shifters

Follow the link for the complete user guide of the SRAM Rival derailleur

Rear derailleur
Sram bottom bracket

Follow the link for the complete user guide for the SRAM DUB 73 mm bottom bracket

Bottom bracket casing
Brooks cambium c15 saddle

Flexible, comfortable, waterproof and durable, this saddle is maintenance-free. Its chassis is made of aluminium and the rails are of stainless steel.

This saddle is durable and performs well in any weather thanks to its All-Weather construction which includes an abrasion and UV resistant coating and anodised aluminium rivets.

Length 283 mm Width 140 mm Weight 432 g


SHIMANO XT 32-spoke REAR WHEEL (Through Axle 12X142mm WITH LEVER)

LEECHE DR 962 R 32-spoke FRONT WHEEL (Through Axle 12X100mm WITH LEVER)


RT920 wheel
Usb port

Look below for the link to the instructions for the Cycle2Charge

USB port

Shimano deore xt dynamo hub


6V - 0.5A - 3W

503 g


Ordering spare parts for your bike



Riverside Touring 920
Riverside Touring 920

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Riverside Touring 920


We guarantee our frames, forks, handlebars, pannier racks, and stems for life.This guarantee shows our confidence in our components and peace of mind for cyclists like you. Other parts are guaranteed for 2 years. These guarantees apply for suitable use of the bike.

When you start riding your bike, some components will move slightly. This is why we offer a free maintenance check and tune-up of your Riverside bike within six months of purchase.