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The 100 balance bike (new 2021 model) supports your child as they learn to balance on two wheels!
Before your budding cyclist heads out on their first ride, make sure to set up their bike correctly so they'll have the best possible time on their new steed.

To keep it in good nick, this page explains how to assemble, adjust, service and repair your balance bike.
Don't hesitate to pamper it - this'll mean it can be passed on to other youngsters throughout its lifetime ;-)

Assembling your balance bike

How to assemble the btwin 100 balance bike

Have you recently purchased a Runride balance bike? When you take it out of the box, you'll see that it comes in several parts.
Inside the box, there are assembly instructions. These will help you put your balance bike together.

Correct assembly is essential! But don't worry - we're here to make the process painless!
First, you'll see the different parts in the box: saddle, frame, fork, handlebar and wheels.  There's also a paper pack containing parts to help you assemble the bike.

Insert the fork into the frame (make sure it's the right way around). The fork isn't completely straight (this increases its stability), so it needs to be angled forwards, not towards the frame. If you mount it the wrong way around, the wheel won't be able to sit in line with the frame (this is to control how far the handlebar and wheel can rotate). Feel free to check the instructions or the video if necessary.
Put the handlebar clamp into the fork. For this Runride 100 balance bike, it's the smallest clamp. The bigger clamp is for the saddle.
Next, insert the handlebar directly into the fork. Watch out: there's a "STOP" marker on the handlebar's vertical tube. This STOP marker should stay inside the head tube. Under no circumstances should it be sticking out. This will ensure the handlebar is held securely inside the tube.
(Handy tip: there's no right or wrong way around for this handlebar, but generally the STOP marker will be positioned facing the saddle.)
Next, tighten the handlebar clamp using the tool (Allen key).

Insert the saddle into the frame. As with the handlebar, the seat tube also has a STOP marker. This marker tells you the insertion limit. It must always remain inside the seat tube and should never be visible.
You can then tighten the seat clamp using the tool (while respecting the minimum insertion limit).

STEP 3: Flip the balance bike over so that you can easily mount the wheels. Slide the metal axle inside the wheel. Insert the two plastic plugs (make sure they're the right way around. For more information, please refer to page x of the instructions).

And that's it! The balance bike is ready to roll! There's one more essential step before your mini rider can hit the road: adjusting the height of the saddle and handlebar.

RunRide 100 Black / White 10-Inch Balance Bike

How to mount the balance bike's wheels

Follow our video guide to mounting the wheels on your balance bike!

How to mount the balance bike's wheels

First use: check the height settings

How to correctly adjust the height of the saddle and handlebar before the first ride

A well-adjusted saddle is essential so that your child will ride in a position that helps them learn with confidence. 

When they start, it's important that their feet are flat on the ground when they're sitting on the saddle.

Once you feel that they're comfortable with propelling the bike forward and they're beginning to pick up speed, you can adjust the saddle so that just the forefoot is in contact with the ground.

When adjusting the handlebars, you can lower them to the mark below the letter "S" of the word STOP on the handlebar tube.
For the saddle, the vertical markings indicate the maximum height. You must not exceed this height (same as for the handlebar).

 Kids grow quickly, so remember to check the height of the handlebar and saddle regularly.


Compatible accessories

Balance bike handlebar bag

Does your intrepid young rider love carrying a snack or their favourite toy everywhere with them, even on their balance bike? Discover this bag that's specially designed to hook over the handlebars of a ride-on, balance bike, or 14" or 16" bike.

balance bike handlebar bag
Balance bike carrier

Do you sometimes end up carrying your little munchkin's balance bike when you're out and about? This carrier has been designed so you can easily carry your child's balance bike when they no longer want to ride it.
As it's very compact, you can take it anywhere and it'll stop you getting dirty. (Because we all know that kids always pick the muddiest puddle to ride through :) )

balance bike carrier

Looking after a kids' balance bike

How to store a balance bike

We recommend storing the balance bike in a dry place.  You should check that it isn't getting damp.

The lifespan of your child's bike depends on how it's used, looked after and stored.
The damper and saltier the conditions you use and store it in (e.g. by the sea), the more it'll rust and the less time it'll last.  
It's therefore important to store it somewhere that's clean and dry, not damp. 

How to wash the balance bike

If the balance bike gets dirty after several rides (mud, rain, dust etc.), you can easily wash it.

To remove dust, simply wipe the bike down with a dry cloth. If there's mud or grime that's a bit more stuck on, you can clean it with a bucket of warm water and a little soap or bike cleaning product and a sponge (or wet cloth). You can also wash dirty parts of the bike (frame, fork, handlebars, wheels).

 DID YOU KNOW? It's best to not clean the balance bike with a hose as this could damage some of the components.

Once you've finished, all that remains is to wipe it over with a dry cloth to prevent rust forming. It's also worth taking the opportunity to check that the clamps and wheels are tightly fastened. If not, you can tighten them with an Allen key.

How to wash the balance bike grips 

Clean using a wet cloth and soap or washing-up liquid, then wipe with a dry cloth.

There is a problem

I need to change a wheel on a b'twin balance bike. how do you do this?

Because we want you to be able to quickly and easily repair our products yourself, the wheel for this balance bike is available to buy as a spare part! It can be ordered by directly contacting the workshop at your nearest Decathlon store.

(Balance bike wheels can't be ordered online yet, but our team is working on it as fast as possible!)

RunRide 100 Black / White 10-Inch Balance Bike

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