PLAY 5 - Blue

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Designed for children age 4 to 6, from 95 cm to 1.20m. It's time to discover scooters! With a brake on the handlebar, there's greater comfort thanks to better speed control.


HANDLING: Large front wheel / small rear wheel, more ergonomic deck size

CONTROLLED BRAKING: Double braking system~- hand brake on the handlebar~- rear wheel foot brake

EASE OF USE: Adjustable height~Rapid folding system with double security~Portable

ROLLING QUALITY: 125 mm front wheel and 100 mm rear wheel.~ABEC 5 bearings.


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Technical details and maintenance

Safely using a scooter

We recommend checking the condition of your scooter before and after each ride. Abnormal looseness, cracks, sharp edges... check everything. Wheels and bearings are wear parts: remember to check and change them if the need arises. To repair and extend the life span of your scooter.

What type of protection to use

As with all sports that involve fall risks, protective equipment should be used: helmet, knee pads, elbow pads.

Storing your scooter

Indoors: This is the simplest solution that involves finding a place (or making room), wherever you are: at home, the office or at a friend's house. Your scooter can be leaned against a wall, hidden behind a door or under a desk, or even stashed in a storage space (a box or closet), which is incredibly easy as your scooter is collapsible. In a bag/cover: For owners of the collapsible model, it is very easy to store your scooter as it takes up half as much space in the folded position. In this case, you can keep your scooter at arms length by folding and storing it in a bag or cover so that you can easily carry it wherever you go. On a rack: Just like you ride on the sidewalk, take up less space in a unique style! You could fix your scooter to a dedicated storage rack on the floor, with the scooter held upright by its wheel, or up high using a wall mount, just like a bike one.

Keeping your scooter in good condition

Go easy on the brakes Repeated use of your breaks leads to wear on the rear tyre, which may cause it to lose its circular shape and flatten in certain places. Avoid this problem by placing your foot on the ground to brake as often as possible. The rest of the time, gently press on the brake to gradually slow down, while avoiding premature wear on your tyre. Avoid riding on water and unpaved ground If you ride on water, you will cause the bearings inside your wheels to wear out faster. Other possible damage includes loss of grip on the non-slip surface of your deck which could cause you to slip. The solution is simple: ride on dry, paved ground and avoid puddles, sand, and dirt as much as possible. Clean is always better Keeping your scooter clean is a very simple and efficient way to prolong its lifespan. Simply wipe the bearings and other parts subject to dirt (wheels, headset, non-slip surfaces) with a cloth. This easy method can help prevent accumulation of dust and the eventual problems dust can cause on your scooter.    


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