servicing and repairing your Oxelo L500 scooter

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Support page for the L500 kids' stunt scooter: here, you'll find the user guide, the approval certificate, our servicing advice, and our tutorial videos for repairing your scooter.


Having trouble with your L500 kids' scooter? You can find all our FAQs here.

How do you assemble the l500 scooter?

Push the handlebar into the fork until you hear a click, then do up the clamp using the Allen key that came with the scooter.  

How do you adjust the height of the handlebar?

Adjust the handlebar by undoing the clamp and pressing the push pin on the side of the scooter. We recommend setting the handlebar at hip height.  

Should you wear a helmet? 

We recommend that everyone wears a helmet, including the youngest kids. Make sure your little ones are wearing theirs every time they go out for a ride. 

Can you use the l500 scooter in a skatepark? 

No, this scooter is not designed for freestyle. You can use this scooter for riding around town or for playing. 


Maintenance tips

We recommend checking the condition of your scooter before and after every ride. Make sure there's no unusual play, no cracks and no sharp edges.
The wheels and bearings are wearing parts, so you should check them too and change them if needed.
Our workshops have all the spare parts you need and can carry out all maintenance jobs and repairs for you.

Storage tips

Store your electric scooter in a dry place at a moderate temperature (15-20°C).

servicing and repairing your Oxelo L500 scooter
Use restrictions

Max load: 50 kg
Min user height: 95 cm
Max user height: 1.30 m

servicing and repairing your Oxelo L500 scooter