Sharing my session


You can share a session with your friends from the website via the social networks or even by email.

Share my session on the social networks

To do this, start by selecting the session to be edited in the "Homepage" tab (1) or the "My Sessions" tab (2) by simply clicking on it.

Once you have selected the activity, click the "share" icon to the right of the "trash" icon. You can choose to share your session on Facebook or on Twitter.

Sharing my session on the website

You can share your best sessions with the friends you have invited to Just slide the share button of your session from the "private" position to the "shared" position.

NB: When you share a session on Facebook, Twitter or by email, the session automatically switches to "shared" mode.

Your friends can then view this session in their "Community" tab by clicking "Shared sessions" under your name

Sharing my session by email

To create your sharing link, click the session that you want to share. Click the "share" icon and then "sharing link".

A window will open with your link. Copy and paste the link in an email to send it to a friend.

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