Looking after and repairing your ski boots

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Have you just bought a pair of ski boots and want some advice on looking after, repairing and storing them properly?
Find all the information you need to help keep your ski boots in good condition long-term.

Looking after and repairing your ski boots

Caring for your ski boots

The shell of your ski boots

Your day’s skiing is over? Before relaxing on your sofa, a large cup of hot chocolate in hand, it’s important you clean and properly store your ski boots. That way, you’ll find them ready for your next outing !

Here are some tips for looking after the shell of your ski boots regularly :
- Start by removing the snow from the shell of your boots with a soft brush or cloth, without knocking them against each other !
- Remove the liner to air it. You wouldn't leave your wet gloves in your jacket pockets? The same is true for the liners, which need to dry at room temperature.
- Close (a little) the hooks of the shell to prevent the plastic from getting creased and injuring you afterwards.
A few traces of mud on your boots ?
If you want to wash your shells or avoid micro-scratches, take a damp cloth and rub gently with soapy water. Don't forget to rinse and dry.

Looking after and repairing your ski boot liners

The liner of your ski boots

Wedze ski boots are almost all equipped with removable liners.
We advise you remove them after each ski session to properly let the moisture out.
Dry them at room temperature, not too close to a radiator or heat source, which could soften the liner and change its initial shape.

To clean them, hand-washing is best. Some washing machines offer a "cold wash" programme which may also be suitable, but the spin cycle must then be reduced to a minimum (<400 rpm). We don’t recommend using the dryer, whose high temperature will deform your liners.
It’s best to let your liners air-dry for several days before putting them back in their shell.

Despite regular maintenance, an unpleasant odour lingers in your ski boot liners? Don't panic, it's completely normal since it’s due to foot perspiration.
Several solutions exist:
- Let your liners air for several days in a dry, well-ventilated place.
- Deodorise them with commercially available anti-bacterials.
- Sprinkle them with baking soda and leave to stand for a few hours.

The most effective is still to wash your feet well before putting on your ski boots and wear clean socks.

Repairing your ski boots

Despite the care we take in the design and manufacture of our ski boots, it’s possible that a heavy blow or poor handling may cause premature wear of the hooks or outsole pads (front and/or rear) of your ski boots.

The trend is towards repairs at Wedze as elsewhere. That’s why we suggest replacing the defective part in one of our in-store workshops.

Ski boot storage

Storing your ski boots

And no, it isn’t yet time for a tasty hot chocolate, comfortably settled on your sofa … just a bit more to do !

After cleaning the inside and outside of your ski boots, they should now be stored away safely in a warm, dry place. To keep them free from rust, dust or any harmful substances, place them in a protective cover.

To get the right gear

You know it all, now all you have to do is find "the boot that fits you"!