Looking after and repairing your gloves

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Made from leather, mitten or lobster style, with or without cuffs, ski or snowboarding gloves are technical and delicate. Care must be taken to maintain their effectiveness over time. Here are a few tips.

Looking after and repairing your ski gloves

Ski gloves care after every outing

How to dry your ski gloves?

It’s important to properly dry your ski gloves when you get back from a day skiing. To do so, simply lie them flat near a heat source so that the heat is distributed evenly in the gloves. Be careful as it’s not recommended you put your gloves on a radiator as you risk melting the waterproof component.

You should also turn back the cuff if they have one to make it easier for air to get in and provide good ventilation right to the fingertips.

Looking after and repairing your ski gloves

What to do about unpleasant odours?

Did you know? Unpleasant odours in ski gloves are caused by the bacteria present in perspiration.
You should therefore dry your ski gloves properly then leave them to air as long and as often as possible.

If the odours persist despite this then you can buy an electric freshener. The UV rays destroy the bacteria causing the unpleasant odours.

Looking after and repairing your ski gloves

How to clear ski gloves

Contrary to popular belief, ski gloves should be washed as little as possible to maintain their warm and waterproof properties! If you have a stain, take a cloth with a little soapy water and gently rub the affected area.

End of season care for ski gloves

That’s it, the season is over, it’s time for the big clean before storing your ski belongings. Just to remind you, be careful not to wash your ski gloves too often!

Here are a few tips for cleaning your ski or snowboarding gloves:

  • Cleaning

    Start by shaking your gloves to get rid of dust or dirt that has got into the main section or the fingers.

    Then rinse your gloves by hand in warm water. Only use a small amount of liquid detergent, no softener or chlorine.

  • Drying

    Gently squeeze your gloves to get rid of the water, going from the fingers down to the wrist.
    Lay your gloves flat so that the water runs off evenly and doesn’t collect in the fingers or cuff.

    Tip: When they are still slightly damp, put them on and clench your fists so they go back to their original shape.

    To avoid damaging your gloves’ waterproof component, we recommend you don’t expose them to significant heat sources such as the sun, a radiator, a chimney or an iron.

  • Re-waterproofing

    If you notice that water no longer runs off the surface when you wear them or after washing and drying then it’s possible to refresh the water-repellency of your gloves.
    We recommend you use a durable water-repellent (DWR) spray of your choice.

    Please note: we don't recommend the use of waterproofing detergent which would make the gloves inner lining waterproof but prevent perspiration wicking.

Looking after and repairing your leather gloves

Looking after and repairing your leather ski gloves

How to look after your leather ski gloves?

To clean your leather gloves:
Leather is a delicate material that should be pampered. If you have a stain on your leather gloves, we recommend you apply detergent to the area with a clean, damp cloth.
Then rinse them lightly with another damp cloth.

Tip: As they dry, put your leather gloves on and clench your fists so they keep their original shape.

To look after your leather gloves:
All our Wed’ze gloves are guaranteed for 2 years and despite the attention given to our product tests, leather can dry out with wear over time.
To revive your leather gloves and bring back their flexibility and sheen, we recommend you nourish the leather with a special grease.

How to do this?
Start by cleaning and dusting your leather gloves.
Then apply a dab of grease in a thin layer with a clean cloth and rub the leather to smooth in the grease.
Finally, leave to dry and buff with a soft cloth.