Looking after and repairing your helmet

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Have you just bought a ski or snowboard helmet and would like advice on how to maintain, repair and/or store it properly?
Get all the information you need to help you keep your helmet for longer.

Looking after and repairing your helmet

Caring for your ski helmet

A ski helmet is a compulsory piece of safety equipment when you go out. It is therefore important to take the utmost care of it.
However, different handling or weathering can leave traces of wear and tear and alter its effectiveness.

In order to increase the life span of the bike, we recommend a maintenance after every ride and a more complete maintenance at the end of the season.

The visor

If you have a ski helmet with a visor, it is possible that despite all your precautions the visor is showing signs of wear and tear or worse, is damaged by a large scratch in the middle of your field of vision. Don't panic, you can repair and change the visor of your ski helmet yourself.

Looking after and repairing your helmet

Storing your ski helmet

After a good day's skiing, you have pampered your ski helmet and now it's time to put it away! In order to preserve the qualities of the materials of which it is made, we recommend that it be stored in a dry place, away from temperature variations, humidity and/or UV radiation from the sun.

To make daily use simple, it is best to store it in a safe and easily accessible place.

Using your ski helmet

Here are some tips on how to use your ski or snowboard helmet properly on a daily basis.

When should you change your ski helmet?

To have fun on the slopes in complete safety, wearing a helmet is highly recommended and even essential! But a ski helmet wears out over the years and may not protect you as well in the event of an impact. It is important to know when to change a ski helmet so that you can continue to enjoy the fun of skiing serenely.

How to look after and repair your ski helmet
How to adjust a ski helmet

To fully enjoy the joys of skiing in complete safety, it is important that your ski helmet is properly fitted to your head. For this, the choice of the model and size of your helmet will allow you to have a helmet perfectly adapted to the morphology of your head.

Adjusting your ski helmet correctly with the tightening knob and chinstrap is essential for safe skiing.

How to pair goggles with a ski helmet

Whether it's to protect your eyes from the sun's UV rays, the cold or the snow, the mask is inseparable from the ski helmet. 
So, to find the ideal helmet-mask combo, comfortable and compatible in terms of shape and aesthetics, a few rules must be respected.


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