Ski jackets - Eclipse day

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Ski jackets - Eclipse day


How to maintain, repair or wash your ski jacket from the eclipse day collection? We help you with the steps to follow.

How to wash and dry your eclipse day jacket?

Due to its specific technical properties, the jacket requires special attention.

This jacket has been made in France and assembled using a specific technical process that facilitates the repair of your jacket: heat-bonding.
That is, the sections of your jacket are not sewn together but glued.

Your jacket can be washed by hand or machine, inside out at 30°, with a gentle spin at 800 rpm.
To dry it, do not put it in the tumble dryer: dry it in the open air, on a hanger or flat, away from strong heat sources (radiator, fire, etc.).

We also advise against ironing your ski jacket as this can cause sections of your jacket to come off.

Ski jackets - Eclipse day


The less you wash your garment, the longer it will last and you’ll do good for the planet too.

Each wash decreases its waterproofing: most of the time, gentle scrubbing with a sponge is enough!

We have purposefully lined the inside front neck with the outer fabric to make hand washing easier.

Your jacket is guaranteed for 2 years.

Our goal at Wedze: that all of your equipment lasts as long as possible on your ski trips and throughout the winter.

To achieve this, we have worked with our industrial partner TopTex Cube, located in the Drôme, to guarantee the eclipse day jacket for 2 years.
TopTex Cube is committed to increased quality control of our jacket, but if, unfortunately, it meets with a defect in the first 2 years of its life, we will take care of the repair of this jacket.
If the damage is due to misuse, accident, negligence or normal wear and tear beyond the 2 years, the warranty will not apply, but we will repair your jacket for a very reasonable price.

All claims under the 2 year warranty must be accompanied by proof of purchase or your Decathlon card.

Return or repair your jacket

I bought this jacket and I want to get it repaired / return it

You can contact us by email: [email protected]
We will inform you of the steps to take to return your jacket or have it repaired.

I work in a Decathlon store and I would like to know the process for repairing or returning the jacket to Wedze

Upon receipt of the jacket, 2 options:

The customer wishes to be reimbursed (no repair):

Then simply send the jacket back to the following address:
Decathlon Mountain Store - Service Wedze / Maud Page
170 avenue Leman Mont-Blanc
74190 Passy

The customer wishes to repair the jacket:

If the repairs are covered by our warranty policy, please note the owner's postal address so that we can send the product back to them once the repairs are complete.

Return the jacket to the following address:
Decathlon Mountain Store - Service Wedze / Maud Page
170 avenue Leman Mont-Blanc
74190 Passy

In the return box, please insert a note stating:
- The name of your shop
- The contact of the colleague who received the jacket
- (if repair is required) The postal address to which the repaired jacket should be returned

Ski jackets - Eclipse day

Eclipse day collection - Limited edition